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Sesc Vila Mariana hosts the show IJÓ. Photo: Disclosure.

Sesc Vila Mariana hosts the show IJÓ

The performance mixes dance with music and happens 22 to 24 April, directed by dancer and choreographer Rubens Oliveira São Paulo, April 2022 -Of 22 to 24 April, Sesc Vila Mariana receives “IJÓ – A body ...

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The Kizomba Yetu collective will hold Angolan and Brazilian dance classes, featured. Disclosure.

Free event offers Angolan and Brazilian dance classes at CEU Heliópolis

The Kizomba Yetu collective will hold Angolan and Brazilian dance classes, as a workshop alluding to Women's Month, where they will address the History of Queen Nzinga – symbol of resistance to Portuguese colonialism in Angola, a woman from ...

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Balé da Cidade. Photo:City Balletr.

Find out how to contribute at this link

Until the day 27 Find out how to contribute at this link! Find out how to contribute at this link, 18 February 2022 Find out how to contribute at this link, Find out how to contribute at this link 16, will continue to present the shows ...

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Grupo ARES premieres show Resilience - gross flower. Photo: Anna Kumamoto.

ARES Group presents Resilience – Bruta Flower

The national premiere takes place on the day 11 November on the Group's Youtube and Facebook. Four other performances from the group's repertoire will also be made available in an On Demand Repertoire Show. From 11 to 14 November, the group ...

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Online show "From Order to Flow - A Hybrid and Experimental Live". Photo: Disclosure.

Dance, rock and technology: Dancer tells about her experience of choreographing online show

With more than 10 years of experience, dancer Gabriela Moriondo had an unusual challenge during the pandemic: choreograph a rock band live 3D format show from scratch. You can find the result of this adventure in ...

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Project "Vitória x Mucurici: Approaching Knowledge". Photo: Bernardo Firm.

Dance collectives release video dances in honor of Brazilian culture

Know to value. Based on this principle, Coletivo Emaranhado and Grupo Estirpe set up the videodance project “Vitória X Mucurici: Approaching Knowledge", result of the choreographic residency in the city of Mucurici (ES). With the participation of more than 25 ...

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Spectacle: "Depois do caos a gente se encontra". Photo: Raphaiane Costa.

Collective dedicated to the democratization of dance promotes events

The pandemic hit the culture sector across the country.. far from easy, it was with great willpower that Belas Artes Projetos Culturais created the C.R.I.A project, Regional Artistic Initiation Collective, contemplated by ...

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Capixaba video dance “Clausura” by Marcelo Oliveira. Photo: Vitor Kock.

Espírito Santo video dance wins international award

The Espírito Santo videodance “Clausura” was awarded 1st place in the Professional category of Best Videodance at the International Festival of Videodances Dancine. The event that brings together the best video dances from Brazil and the world recognized the talent of dancer Marcelo Oliveira, ...

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Outburst Show, Marcelo Oliveira. Photo: Mariana Garcia.

One year after father's death, dancer launches show

Free spectacle will take place on virtual stages in five cities in Espírito Santo Art can be a refuge in the worst moments. One year after your father's death, the Espírito Santo choreographer Marcelo Oliveira, launches the show “Outburst – clippings ...

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Assembly proposes aesthetic and political experience. Photo: Gabriel Oliveira.

Moebius Collective holds extra 'It could be SPAM' session on Sunday, day 27 of June

Dance show criticizes the uses of technologies on the body, in society and politics, in a pandemic context The Moebius Collective presents the next day 27 of June, Sunday, at 8:0 pm, extra session of the show It could be a ...

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