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Skylight: understand what it is and how to use it in decoration. Photo: tom balabaud no Pexels.
Skylight: understand what it is and how to use it in decoration. Photo: tom balabaud no Pexels.

Skylight: understand what it is and how to use it in decoration

Pto create spaces with ample lighting, to skylight is a construction tool that can give a special charm to any space. Most likely, in some project, have you ever come across a beautiful skylight in your building.

Basically, it is an opening at the top of a building, being used both for ventilation and for the entry of natural light.

This is an item that brings refinement to the decoration and a lot of style., and beyond that, skylights bring yet another advantage which is energy savings.

Increasing the incidence of natural light in environments, the skylight has a direct impact on your electricity bill, because it reduces the need to use it during the day.

Can be designed by a good aluminum frame company, these structures renew the most diverse environments. In this article, we address what the skylight is, its advantages and how to use it in decoration.

What is a skylight and what is it for?

A skylight is an opening in the roof of a building that allows natural light to enter that environment..

Depending on the model you adopt for your skylight, It also allows ventilation to enter, making the environment more airy.

This is a solution in favor of nature because it ends up saving you electricity, as well as the option for solar energy installation.

Usually placed in environments without windows or with few, this is a structure that can be compared to a glass roof, always being an excellent alternative.

What is the minimum size of a skylight?

To build a skylight, a very well planned project is necessary to avoid mistakes.

Therefore, even before starting the assembly of your structure in construction works, it is essential to assess certain points before, such as what is the minimum size according to the standards established by Organs competent bodies.

The design standard, construction and applications of glass in construction, is the NBR standard 7199, that can certainly help you in the construction of your skylight.

We advise you to hire a professional specialized in house building to ensure that the work does not compromise the quality of the service, the comfort and safety of those who will use the environment.

How skylights work?

We can classify the skylight as a type of zenith lighting, consisting of an opening made in the roof that exists to favor the entry of natural light into your room..

Structured in this opening, the skylight acts as a ceiling window, there are several models that vary according to the need of the project.

A differential are the skylights that have a ventilation system, leaving the environment more lit and ventilated at the same time.

There are advantages of the automation of residential environments that allow the opening and closing mechanism to be done by remote control.. Another option is to use cranks that are within reach..

What are the types of skylight?

thinking about room acclimatization, There are a wide range of skylights on the market, that vary with the material, size and shape, being that some models that can be found are:

  • Common skylight;
  • Tubular skylight;
  • Skylight dome (house);
  • Skylight lanternim;
  • atrium skylight;
  • Skylight shed.

Each one has its own measurements and properties to allow the lighting of environments..

Where to use a skylight?

A gardening and landscaping company can offer several options of skylights to bring natural light to differentiated rooms, mainly with plants and a decoration more natural.

They are more common in environments that do not have windows., like stairs, corridors and halls. However, the most diverse environments can benefit from its installation, like the bathroom, the kitchen, to room, and even the room.

In spaces like the living room and bedroom, the incidence of constant light can become uncomfortable for those who use the environment. To avoid your discomfort, we advise the use of curtains that act by making this brightness regulation in the place.

A skylight can light up to eight times as bright as a window., considering the same dimensions. However, for its construction it is important that the roof has been designed for this function by a structural design company.

If you don't want to change the roof structure, can opt for translucent tiles, that can be made of acrylic, polycarbonate or glass.

The so-called lovers of natural lighting are always passionate about structures such as skylights that highlight environments, whether under the light of the sun or the moon.

If you don't know where to install your skylight, Here are some ideas for the different rooms in the house..

Skylight in the living room

For those looking for more lighting for their living room or dining room, skylight application is a great choice.

They can be installed at specific points, and it is necessary to think about its positioning so as not to disturb the activities in the room, how to watch tv, for example.

Avoid placing them right above the TV, because the incidence of reflections during the day can be high. in dining rooms, it is recommended that the skylight be positioned close to the dining table or sofa, providing all the necessary lighting.

In addition, you can choose to install this structure mainly in rooms without windows, to give new air to the environment.

Skylight in the bedroom

The use of skylights in the rooms, just above the bed, It is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to look at the sky to sleep.. This is a great option because it brings a lot of serenity and tranquility to this room that needs to be cozy..

Imagine lying in your bed watching the stars in the sky or even watching the rain fall.. It's definitely a fascinating experience..

But there are also some cons, because for those who don't like to wake up early, the skylight can be a great villain, because as soon as the sun rises it is already possible to see the light.

To solve this situation, a beautiful curtain can be installed., but it takes good taste to cover up the skylight with charm and elegance.

skylight in the kitchen

The kitchen is a room that asks for natural light., and if you're the kind of person who enjoys being in the kitchen, preparing food and the most diverse recipes, installing a skylight can cheer you up even more.

With it you have exquisite lighting during the day., which leads to energy savings, so it's a big investment.

skylight in the bathroom

A good engineering service can provide the construction of a beautiful skylight in your bathroom, bringing light and natural ventilation to this environment that usually needs structures for both solutions.

Final Considerations

Skylights are ideal options for those looking for a touch of refinement in the environment, allowing the place to be invaded by natural light., being a big difference when it comes to building.

They arose in ancient Europe, having the function of illuminating large buildings, in addition to giving an aesthetic relief to the weight of its domes.

It is a constructive differential that is indicated to enhance internal environments., providing energy savings. In this way, it can be said that it is also an investment.

Allowing natural lighting in entire indoor environments, and the skylight is a versatile structure, that can be installed in any room of your home, no size or function restrictions, just needing the local structure to receive it.

Skylights are elements that, in addition to allowing the passage of natural light into the environment, allow ventilation depending on the model, and can even help to reduce the weight of ceiling structures.

Among the advantages of this structure, we can highlight its functional and decorative role, providing light to rooms that could not have windows, or have any restrictions.

With your installation, energy saving is possible, which is something remarkable, being important in times of energy insufficiency.

As disadvantages we have the incidence of sunlight continuously, with the need to install appropriate curtains, especially in rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, so as not to disturb the activities carried out there that need the absence of light.

In the same way that light enters the environment, it is necessary to consider the heat, this is a point that needs to be very well analyzed to ensure comfort to residents.

Another important point is privacy., so before installing your skylight, make sure that there are no taller buildings around the residence that will be able to see the interior.

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