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Work by Júlio Vieira. Photo: Disclosure.
Work by Júlio Vieira. Photo: Disclosure.

Casa Jacarepaguá Gallery collectors' club celebrates spring with the series "Indoor Landscapes"

Project conceived by José Brazuna launches special edition with artist Júlio Vieira

São Paulo, September 2020 – In order to bring people closer to art and nature, Casa Jacarepaguá launches a special version of its Collectors Club: “Internal Landscapes”, a series of unpublished works by the artist Júlio Vieira. Or title seeks to celebrate spring, that even in times of social isolation, arrives with its colors and florals.

Isolated in his studio, Júlio Vieira goes through the process of creating the various works, from 30 x 30 cm, to portray spring with images that represent the flora, fauna and Brazilians. “In this series I’m portrait friends, artists, philosophers, and other references of mine, inserted in Brazilian plants, as one thing. Or, on the contrary, plants inserted in humans. Nothing is random, the plants chosen in general have something related to the story or personality of the person portrayed. Thus was born the series Indoor Landscapes for the Spring Club. One way to celebrate this season in such a complicated year ”, explains Julius.

Each collector who enters the Club is entitled to three of these screens. In the third week of September, with the beginning of spring, the constructions (around 30 frames) will be displayed in panel format, like a huge mosaic, at the Casa Jacarepaguá gallery. Project members will also earn a print fine art, limited edition, numbered, sealed and signed by the artist, reproducing the mosaic of paintings in the series “Internal Landscapes”. A draw will also be made among the registrants and the winner will receive a house wall customized by the artist - the proposal is that wherever the works will be hung.

“We thought of a way to anticipate the happiness of spring for people, even with them in their homes. So, Julius thought: we will portray flora and people as unique works. From this idea “Internal Landscapes” was born, says José Brazuna from Casa Jacarepaguá.

To participate in the club it is necessary to pay a fee of R $ 3.000,00 (10 x R$ 300 on credit card). Entrants will then be entitled to these three works of art at a competitive price (25% discount on the normal cost), install up to 10x, win one print fine and compete for customization. The works are exclusive, produced especially for the group over the spring.

About Júlio Vieira

In its current phase, the artist focuses on nature with a color structure and scales arising from the Brazilian biodiversity, predominating various shades of green. So that now, tropical plants and birds are confused with traffic signs, crosswalks, cars, elements and "domestic" (stairs, radios, mud filters, banquettes, etc) in a non-rational spatial distribution.

absurd proportions between these urban elements and nature live with pixelated squares, Chess frames, dotted, triangles and geometric elements that do not make sense from a rational point of view. Julius reinvents these pacatas realities with their colors, shapes and textures.

About Casa Jacarepagua

Dedicated to the universe Street art, Casa Jacarepagua, created in 2015, held several exhibitions of the scene and has participated in fairs like Fair Part 2016 and 2017, SP-Arte 2018 He Arte-BH 2018. Artists like Five, Monica Barbosa, Ciro Schu, Caligrapixo, Gen Duarte and Enepe have already occupied the gallery, which is now installed in a shed of 400m², with a ceiling height of 8m, located in Butantã, district of Sao Paulo – SP.

"The House Jacarepagua has in its DNA the street art. We are proud to be 100% focused in this market, and take pleasure in promoting meetings like these, of disparate origins artists, but, with works that talk among themselves as well ", says Brazuna.



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