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Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay.
Image of PIRO4D by Pixabay.

How to apply Feng Shui in your decor?

The Feng Shui is sought after by many people who are decorating their homes and, even, work environments, like the offices.

Despite being an ancient art, it has gone through centuries and can still be applied very well today. Even because, the home continues to impact residents, with regard to humor, lifestyle and even productivity.

When Feng Shui is well applied, brings many benefits to people's daily lives, since, it guarantees more comfort and convenience, important features in any environment.

Who applies this technique, finds at home a feeling of peace vital to a better quality of life. Since we spend a lot of time in our home, making it more pleasant and harmonious is a necessity.

But many people have doubts about how to start applying Feng Shui at home. They get lost in relation to the adjustments they need to make, among other needs.

To bring all the benefits, you need to pay attention to the correct ways to use this decoration. Thinking about it, in this article, let's explain what is Feng Shui, the importance of its elements and give decoration tips.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui are two Chinese words that mean “wind and water”. It is a technique that studies the effect of the energies of an environment on people.

When we talk about environment, we refer to the natural and the built, since, according to this ancient art, we are all part of the same universe.

So, if you hire a landscaping company for a project along the lines of Feng Shui, need to keep in mind that it is necessary to be in harmony with the universe.

The environments, then, are altered so that their energies are adapted to the environment, what supporters call “Chi”.

The energetic vibrations of the environments can be good or bad, therefore, benefit or harm the human body and also the mind.

That is why this decoration is concerned with restructuring spaces, improving buildings, furniture and decoration. The goal, with it, is to increase the frequency of positive energies and channel negative ones, improving well-being.

Para o Feng Shui, all objects that make up a house can affect its environment. Besides, the way they are willing may or may not favor good energy. And all of this has to do with a specific area of ​​each person’s life.

Professionals who work with this art identify energy influences and propose improvements to the environment, aiming, with it, correct energy circulation.

From the arrangement of the furniture to the flavoring two environments, Feng Shui aims to preserve the energies that are beneficial and distribute them to all areas.

It also decreases negative influences, regardless of whether it is in the building or in its composition.

Another objective, finally, is to use some strategies that rid the place of everything that could negatively affect health, the balance and well-being of residents.

The importance of the elements

Before planning the decoration you need to understand Baguá, a map showing the energy points of the house. Its shape is octagon and each corner represents an influence on the life of the resident, are they:

  • Success;
  • Spirituality;
  • Family;
  • Prosperity;
  • Work;
  • Relationship;
  • Creativity;
  • Friendship.

In the middle of the octagon is the balance between physical health, mental and spiritual, which guarantees the individual's well-being, since it can impact all the sectors mentioned above.

Each one of them, known as “Guá” has their colors, elements and shapes, and it is in this way that it is possible to redirect the energies and plan the decoration, both internally and gardening and landscaping.

By using baguá it is possible to improve the energetic influence, raising the positive and redirecting the negative. Thus, residents will have a restored home filled with good influences.

To use it, you need to position it in the center of the floor plan, keeping all rooms visible, aligning the work side to the main entrance door.

That's how we get to know which room relates to each sector of the residents' lives, to know where each area of ​​life is, so that we can apply correctly, the colors, shapes and elements.

For example, if the kitchen is related to health, you need to use the elements of that segment. If the bathroom with countertop towel rack is related, so it must be arranged according to its elements.

The elements that make up Feng Shui are air, ground, water, wood, fire and metal. For you to understand a little more about them, let's show some examples:

Self-knowledge / Spirituality

In this case, the element is earth, colors are blue and lilac, as well as the shapes are square the raw material is based on everything that is derived from the earth, for example, the pottery.


Here, the element is wood. As for the colors, yellow predominates, golden, red and purple. The main shapes are rectangular. Finally, raw materials are seeds and crystals in motion, like the wind bell.

Work / career

Already in this topic, the element is water. The predominant colors are black and dark blue. The main forms are irregular and amorphous. Finally, the raw materials are glasses and crystals.


In this case, the element is wood and the color is green. The main shapes are rectangular. Besides, regarding raw materials, are wood and derivatives, like sisal and bamboo.


In the case of success, the element is fire and the color is red. The shapes are triangular and the raw materials are candles, leather, wool and bone.


Finally, in this case the element is metal, colors are white and pastel and rounded shapes. As for raw materials, the main ones are aluminum, steel, silver and bronze.

Decorating tips with Feng Shui

Now that you understand a little more about the subject and its elements, below, let's take some decorating tips with Feng Shui, using planned apartment furniture or any other type. Are they:

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Invest in landscaping

Even without knowing the lucky baguá you can harmonize your home using bamboo, as it is an essential plant for sacred landscaping and can be used in all areas.

It's kind of easy to care for, besides being tolerant and resistant to different climates. Through it we learn to be more flexible and allow our spirit to flow freely.

This plant is known to bring luck, flexibility, Security, abundance and prosperity.

Aromatization of environments

Aromatization by means of incense helps to improve the energy of the environment, making you calmer. Although not a decorative item, exudes a pleasant aroma that can transform the home.

This is because they purify the energy of any environment and their smoke raises our prayers to heaven.. For many, is a way of communicating with universal energies.

They are great for meditation, raising, also, space energy, purifying and making the environment lighter.

Having something that represents the elements

Another tip to apply Feng Shui well in your decor, be in the room, at the glass balconies or in any other environment is to use something that represents each element.

Use art for decoration

You can use appropriate art to attract good vibes and achieve your goals, since these objects can improve the atmosphere of any space.

We must also remember that, according to Feng Shui techniques, a wall without arts is a life without goals.

A good tip is to use images that refer to your wishes, for example, a landscape of a country that you would like to know.

Study the use of colors

The colors, as we saw, are related to each element of Feng Shui, so using them properly in each environment is essential to raise the energy of the home.

It is essential to study them so that you can apply each of them in your stainless steel shelf from the kitchen, decorating with some objects in the corresponding colors, as well as in the other rooms.

Using mirrors

According to this ancient art, a well positioned mirror can change the energy of any space, discreetly, eliminating your pains.

They are objects capable of expanding the room and improving its lighting, therefore, are even more important in smaller properties.

Regardless of the size of the enclosure, he must always be well organized, since, the mirror will reflect everything, and in the case of messy rooms, the resident's life is also confused.

The decoration projects based on the principles of Feng Shui still recommend that mirrors be used in places where food is present, to double the abundance, as close to the dining table.


The balance and harmony of our home are important to raise our quality of life. The world is full of positive and negative energies, but inside our house, only good influences should be present.

This is the goal of Feng Shui, and if you apply it well, according to our tips, you can have a much more positive home that will benefit the whole family.

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Feng Shui é procurado por muitas pessoas que estão decorando suas casas e, even, work environments, like the offices. Despite being an ancient art, it has gone through centuries and can still be applied very well today. Even because, the home continues to impact residents, with regard to humor, lifestyle and even productivity. When Feng Shui is well applied, brings many benefits to people's daily lives, since, it guarantees more comfort and convenience, important features in any environment. Who applies this technique, encontra em casa um…

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