Mandalas: How to Make and Use for Therapy and Crafts

Mandalas: How to Make and Use for Therapy and Crafts. Photo:

Making mandalas is an ancient practice that has been an integral part of many cultural and spiritual traditions around the world.. With its complex geometric representations, mandalas have been valued as therapeutic tools, providing a unique journey of expression and self-healing for many individuals. In addition, handmade mandalas provide an opportunity for creativity … Read more

How to apply Feng Shui in your decor?

How to apply Feng Shui in your decor?. Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay.

Feng Shui is sought after by many people who are decorating their homes and, even, work environments, like the offices. Despite being an ancient art, it has gone through centuries and can still be applied very well today. Even because, the home continues to impact residents, with respect to … Read more

The lack of self-knowledge leads to judge the other and invade the space of others, claims neurophilosopher

Fabiano de Abreu, featured. Photo: Vagner Souza / MF Global Press.

Fabiano de Abreu, neurophilosopher and psychoanalyst, analyzes that behavioral motives, social and cultural factors that lead others to judge their neighbors are the absence of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Although we are at a time when diversity and respect for the different has been the subject of several discussions and artistic manifestations, cultural and … Read more