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How to combine wood in your decor

ASome materials have a strong presence in real estate, both in the structural and in the decor. A wood in decoration, for example, can collaborate to awaken a feeling of warmth and comfort, besides giving an air of sophistication.

Furthermore, wood can be combined with various decorative objects, to compose a harmonized and rustic look environment. All this, due to material neutrality, which serves as the basis for the most diverse styles of decoration.

Outside all these aspects, wood is also seen as one of the most durable and resistant elements. Many times, just one scraping wooden floor to give a new look to the coating.

In this way, there's no need to spend a lot on changing floors, making it possible to make the most of the property, without major structural reforms.

In today's article, learn how to combine wood in your decor, with functionality and beauty. Follow the reading!

1 – Choose a wood shade

The first step is to find the right shade of wood for each environment. For this, assess if there is no furniture present in the room, as a custom cabinet, that already has a standard color.

After, just invest in other furniture and wooden objects that follow the same shade.

Another tip is to combine the colors. For example, if the details of the furniture and decorative items are dark, it is worth betting on a light wooden base, to give a contrast to the environment.

A good example is Charles Eames leather chair, that has a touch of sophistication precisely because of its design, combining the nobility of wood, with a different color on the upholstery.

2 – Use wooden floors

Wooden floors have long been used by designers and architects, synonymous with elegance to environments.

An advantage of wooden floors is that they fit well in any environment, like rooms, islands, home offices, Kitchens, among others. Woody coatings are usually brighter than other floors and, because of that, the feeling of spaciousness is much greater.

Furthermore, wooden floors match any type of style. It is possible to apply a acrylic decoration, without losing class and refinement.

Among the advantages of wooden flooring, stand out:

  • Strength and durability;
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.

For this reason, to this day this type of flooring is one of the favorites of interior designers and architects.

3 – Apply coatings on the walls

One of the modern trends in wood decor is the use of wall cladding. This is because the material stands out among the other decorative objects and, Furthermore, it is possible to maintain a pleasant climate.

The coating can be used in conjunction with other elements, such as office blinds, to give a feeling of refinement – something that goes very well in home office, for example.

When using wood on the wall, it is also possible to decorate the house in a more rustic style, simple and pleasant. A tip is to combine with plants, works of art and colorful fabrics, that are a great addition to the decor.

4 – Combine furniture and accessories

The residential planned furniture usually made of wood or MDF, a very similar material, but less resistance and durability.

Anyway, wooden furniture is the market's favorite, due to its distinctive appearance, in particular, raw wood models, that look great in any room in the house.

Furniture dyed in white or black are also interesting alternatives for those who want to harmonize the environment with a touch of satisfaction.

But for residents who want a more cheerful look, it is possible to invest in strong color coatings, like yellow, orange and red, but without exaggeration.

5 – Use demolition wood

Demolition wood is another trend that is gaining more and more space in the world of interior decoration.

It can be combined with aluminum and glass frames, as well as other elements with industrial style, to give a bolder decoration, dynamic and modern to the environment.

The industrial style also employs functionality to the room, making it possible to make better use of the space, in an organized manner.

6 – Match the wood with specific colors

Wood can be combined with any color, but there are specific shades that help to compose a more sophisticated environment. Below, check out some options:


Blue is a color known to convey harmony and tranquility. For this reason, it goes very well with more neutral tones, like beige and white. Given this, the tip is to opt for lighter woods.


Green is a color that draws a lot of attention indoors. However, you have to be careful with the color combination with the wood, even more because green has different shades.

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For example, light green goes well with lighter or darker wood. But in the case of moss green, the best option is to use a shade closer to black.

Thus, if you have one Wooden beam with darker shade, it is possible to combine with green, to give an air of sophistication.


Yellow is a color that goes well with the natural hue of wood. For this reason, it is very easy to combine the decor with that tone.

One tip is to put the yellow details on the furniture, like upholstered chairs, decorative objects, tiles, among others.

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Another option is to paint the wood white or black, which also creates a modern and contrasting yellow.


Orange is a color that stimulates creativity and brings light to the environment. Therefore, reddish or warm tones are the most suitable, because it is possible to complement these characteristics.

Furthermore, orange also combines with other natural materials, like bamboo, leather and vegetable fibers.


Red is a vibrant color, hot and exciting. Therefore, together with wood, the tip is to choose more neutral coatings, like beige and light gray.

Dark wood also helps in the composition of a stylish and more refined look. However, you have to be careful that the environment doesn't get “heavy”.


Gray is a very broad color, because it has several tonal variations. Nowadays, is one of the most valued shades in modern decor, because it is excellent for composing industrial styles.

The appearance of gray is very reminiscent of urban landscapes, therefore, the ideal is to combine with more neutral elements, like natural wood.

Purple and pink

Purple and pink are not often used colors in home decor, appearing more often in children's rooms.

To complement the decor, it's worth betting on white painted wood and nude tones. This helps to give an air of sensitivity, leaving the most romantic environment.


Black is synonymous with elegance, being recommended for those who want a more sober and formal look. However, for being a very dark color, the recommendation is to combine the decor with light tone wood.

But for happier residents, one option is to paint the wood in brighter shades, like yellow.


Rooms with a predominance of white are very common in homes, since they allow a versatility of combinations.

In the case of wood, any shade matches white. Yet, the recommendation for larger environments is to add dark wood or painted in warm colors, because it breaks the monotony of totally white space.


It is not today that wood is known as one of the noblest decoration materials. Versatile, resistant, durable and stylish, it matches virtually every room in the house, giving a different touch to interior design.

Furthermore, wood is known for providing excellent thermal insulation, making the environment more comfortable, cozy and air conditioned. During the cold, it is possible to heat the rooms, while in the heat, they get fresher.

At the same time, the wood provides excellent sound insulation. For this reason, it has been explored as a wall covering, to prevent the entry of external noise and prevent the sound from leaking.

Given all these advantages, it is easy to see why wood is still a favorite of architects, decorators and designers, prevailing today as one of the most popular building materials on the market.

Today's article brought some tips on how to combine wood in your home. But what can not be missing is the personality. after all, your house needs to match you.

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