Decoration with wood: know how to do


The wood decor has been present in our society for many years, despite that, it continues to be on the rise and is a trend all over the world.. It is possible to find it in homes, commercial establishments and in various other projects.

This is because wood is a very versatile raw material that can be reused. You can use it in several ways, whether to create a more rustic environment or for more elaborate decorations.

Regardless of decoration style that you intend to adopt, the presence of wood makes any environment cozy. This material is very easy to find and maintain..


You can find furniture and other decorative objects made of wood in different styles, what helps you create charming interiors according to your personality.

There is not much secret to using wood, but if you are creative, can cause a more impactful effect and give your home a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

And through demolition wood, it is possible to consciously create environments. Therefore, in this article, we'll show you the advantages of decorating using this element and how it can be applied. check the text!

Advantages of wood in decoration

Wood is a widely used element due to its durability., beauty and practicality. It is an excellent alternative for floors., furniture and other decorative objects found in the home.

This natural element is very versatile, that's why it suits virtually all types of decor., and still brings advantages, such as:

  • Strength and durability;
  • Property valuation;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Soundproofing;
  • more coziness.

In addition to beauty and endurance, wood brings thermal comfort and a cozy feeling to environments. Besides, it maintains a comfortable temperature and reduces the impact of sound effects.

Can be used as floor partition ceiling and in the footers, it is also very easy to harmonize it with different decorative elements. In the case of a flooring made of wood, it brings more sophistication, what values ​​a property.

Including, depending on the color used, it is possible to create a more rustic effect (as in the case of dark tones), or a lighter and cleaner environment (through the light shades).

Wood has become a sustainable option, because the companies are committed to working with certified materials in their productions.

Another advantage of this raw material is the ease of cleaning. I don't pay two floors, for example, just a broom and a damp cloth to keep the environment clean.

Now that you know the good points of using wood in decoration, in the next topic, we'll bring you some ideas to apply to your project. Follow the reading with us.

Tips for using wood in decoration

Wood can be used from coverings to furniture in your home., which brings comfort and charm to all environments, including those with modern and contemporary decor.

Thinking about it, she can be present in soundproof partitions and be used in many other ways, as in certain actions, for example:

Appreciate the details of the project

Usually, we see the wood being applied to the baseboards and headboard, but it is possible to go further and apply this raw material elsewhere in the property.

The bathroom, for example, can receive a woody touch, through niches on the bench. You can also place a rustic handmade sideboard in the entrance hall of the residence..

The important thing is to be creative and think about all the parts of the property that can rely on wood. There are practical and effective ways to insert this element., without making the rooms heavy or compromising their functionality.

In fact, we are talking about a versatile material, useful and all-in-one. It is possible to use wooden furniture in the living room without damaging the other elements., as in the case of pillows, blankets and rugs.

picture frames

Even if the decoration has stainless steel cabinet, it is possible to apply the wood to other decorative items, as in the case of picture frames.

An antique wooden frame is perfect for creating a rustic decor without a lot of work.. Use a background tow and add black and white photos, MDF, cardboard cutouts or any other element you prefer.

You have complete freedom to decorate these frames, for example, using satin ribbons to decorate them.

Combine with other natural elements

In this case, you may, for example, use a wooden board as a table top with a stone base, and apply a surface treatment so that the board is even more beautiful.

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Being a very easy material to combine, the wood works very well with other woody or natural elements, as in the case of fibers and stones.

The rooms receive a more natural atmosphere, becoming cozier and lighter. This combination is ideal for people who live in large urban centers and are farther away from nature.

Another possibility is to combine wooden decks and furniture with São Tomé stones. You can also use bamboo tape on the outside areas of the house., like swimming pool environments, gardens and gourmet verandas.

Wood coverings for partitions

This material can be used as a dividing wall between two rooms, mainly in projects with integrated environments.

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On a project as built, for example, it is possible to use different types of partitions, like the ones made with plaster. But you can go out of the way or opt for a wooden divider, that will make the environment even more beautiful and comfortable.

Invest in a rustic decor

The rustic decoration can be applied in any environment of the property, like room, room, bathroom and even in the kitchen.

In the room, you can opt for an unfinished wood table. Other options are also wooden armchairs or bookcases. To complement the space, use other elements, like blankets and darker lighting.

Wood is the best option for the bedrooms., since it brings thermal and acoustic comfort, ideal for a more peaceful environment.

You can create a headboard with palette pbr across the wall where the bed is. Choose darker shades to match the rustic style. Another option is to use a deck under the bed.

The rustic kitchen is very reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens. Thus, wood must be present in parts such as tables, chairs, counters and cabinets.

in the bathroom, on the other hand, a very creative tip is to use barrels as cabinets, niches and cabinets. However, we are talking about a humid environment, therefore, the ideal is to opt for synthetic materials that imitate wood.

Use demolition wood

So that your decoration project is sustainable, a tip is to choose the vinyl floor installation or the use of demolition wood. We are talking about a noble raw material, sophisticated and resistant, but that can cause problems such as deforestation.

Therefore, use demolition wood from legally certified companies. Just check the material's certification with the seller or manufacturer. That's how you will identify loggers originating from legal practices and forest management.

Demolition wood comes from old buildings, and is among the main trends in real estate eco-friendly. But don't worry about the quality, as this type of material is also very resistant and is still considered a noble option.

wooden clock

You can purchase a clock made completely of wood., and if you prefer, can do it yourself. It perfectly matches a oriental decoration wallpaper, and you can find options made from wood slices that are very nice.

There are minimalist options, that rely only on the pointers, as well as several other models that will perfectly match your decor.

wine rack

To decorate the kitchen or dining room, a wooden pallet can be turned into a wine rack.

It is also possible to find this finished part, but, if you prefer, you can do it yourself. Make the shelf that will store the wine bottles and use a drill to create a hanging session for the glasses at the bottom..

Wood wall

You can choose a wall in your home, in any room, as in the case of the room, to decorate using wooden elements. it is about the Backsplash, and you can find it ready or simply glue wooden pieces on the chosen wall.


Wood is a beautiful natural material that can be used in decoration in many ways., as we have seen throughout this text.

All you need to do is unleash your imagination and find ways to combine this noble raw material with the other elements in every room in your home.. Following our tips, your home will be much more charming and cozy.

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