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How to Conduct Your Home Renovation Without a Headache?

Ao iniciar uma obra temos muitos planos e expectativas sobre seu resultado final. Including, conduct the renovation of your home, when there is planning, discipline, attention to detail and skilled labor, it's a great experience.

However, with the absence of these factors, your work can become a big problem: overrun budgets and deadlines, unfinished renovations and money wasted.

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However, of course, when deciding on a reform, even if it's just one building painting, solutions are expected, and not problems.

So, just get organized! To help you with the details that should be considered for a smooth makeover, we brought these tips to avoid headaches.

1 – plan before you start

When to start thinking about reform, start planning now. This moment is the basis for a calm work, then, you must define points as:

  • What will be done;
  • What is the reason for the reform;
  • how should it be;
  • What is the maximum amount of time and amount that will be invested.

In addition, define priorities, such as electrical panel assembly and plumbing, that need to be in order for the work to proceed to the next steps.

By the way, the electrical part must always be worked with great care. Be aware of the increase in the number of electronic devices in your home and make an electrical project that supports it.

A tip here is to think strategically about the installation of outlets. This is a point that seems pretty simple., but it is not always remembered in this first moment, and it makes a lot of difference in the final result.

Make a project for your makeover, even if simple, to have a real awareness of how the renovated room or property should be.

We advise not to neglect the need for a construction project and the opinion of a trained professional, as a civil engineer or architect.

Make a careful check of the structure of the property, know which walls are structural and what the hydraulic design is like, to make sure not to break pipes or even destabilize the construction.

also make a verification of metal structures and a general check of what will be kept after the renovation., using items in good condition such as frames or doors, and already taking care that they are preserved during the work.

Not taking this care easily leads to loss of budget control, since during the break the tendency is to spoil what you have along the way.

Dishes like toilet and sinks, for example, must be very well protected, if they are not reformed. Otherwise, you will have to exchange items like these that were not planned at the beginning, just carelessly.

Analyze what are the real problems that led to the reform, what really must be redone and what can be restored, are important points

Perhaps the best solution for your backyard is a concrete recovery, que traga de volta o aspecto de novo para seu piso, ensuring visual beauty and a reinforcement for its durability and strength, instead of putting a new coating.

beware of fads, think about the real dynamics of your family. Consider both the aesthetics and functionality of what you want to do..

2 – Make calculations accurately

Major inconveniences throughout the work can be avoided by proper calculation of material.

Ideally, items such as floor covering are purchased with an extra percentage, around 15% more than expected. So, to ensure that this type of material comes from the same batch, this is the best way out.

Otherwise, you run the risk of the product going out of line, or even that there are variations in shades between different batches. Problems like this can greatly compromise the final aesthetic of your makeover.

Also calculate the appropriate time between procedures to avoid delays, nor compromise the final quality.

Waterproofing in water tank or other processes that require a curing time for proper drying, like cement or paint, must be made according to the time instructions of the manufacturers of the materials used.

By setting deadlines for your retirement, they must be plausible and consider factors such as the region's climate.. We do not advise starting renovations in rainy seasons, for example. Even because, normally, in the rainy season, the works are delayed.

Besides, an important factor that often causes people to lose control over spending on their renovations is scope..

So follow what was defined at the beginning and be aware that if the initial goal was the tactile floor installation, deciding to use and redo the footers may not always be a good idea..

Weigh these decisions with conscience.. It is best to maintain control and follow the initial plan.

The quality standard of the material and the team chosen to carry out the renovation are also important factors for your accounts.. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the materials and find out about the most suitable for your purposes and uses.

Sometimes certain savings, mainly in civil construction, can be pretty expensive after all. Beware of the famous "gambiarras". At other times, you may spend more than you need because you are not informed about the properties of the materials.

Here we emphasize the need for qualified professionals for good guidance. This could mean savings and we'll talk more about it later.

One last point to be considered in the budget, but no less important, is the reserve for unforeseen events. When the subject is work, it's good to be prepared for some unforeseen expenses, so as not to create big debts or need to stop a job in half.

3 – Choose good professionals

A good one renovation and construction company can mean a lot of peace of mind for you during a makeover., and even after delivery of the work.

Choose carefully who should coordinate the work. Including, if your routine is not flexible or you have very limited time, the best thing to do is to outsource this responsibility..

Pay attention to the following activities:

  • project definition;
  • plan the budget;
  • Project legal regulation;
  • Choice of suitable materials and coatings;
  • Management and inspection of the work;
  • Resolution of any unforeseen events;
  • Guarantee of progress according to the deadline.

Each of these topics is the responsibility of the coordinator, so reflect on how you are going to handle this or who you are going to delegate the task to. Companies specializing in renovations are responsible for all stages, and are usually the best choice.

Even if you like works and have time to coordinate your own renovation, we advise you to seek technical advice.. Opt for highly recommended and experienced professionals, and find out about how they conduct their work..

Hire reliable professionals for the management and execution of a project, even if they offer a service a little more expensive, avoids a lot of headaches in the future, as well as unplanned expenses, or even having to redo parts of the work.

Choose Engineers, architects, bricklayers and plasterers based on their experience and services already performed. They will be responsible for more rational and well-structured budgets, based on the needs of everyone who will use the environment.

4 – don't forget to focus

in major renovations, we advise to do the work in one room at a time. In this way, you guarantee greater control over what has actually been completed. Usually, multiple work focuses on the same work result in delays.

The tip is to make a schedule and follow it strictly. It has been determined that the concrete polishing must be done by the end of the week, make it happen.

Don't create fanciful goals, after all, haste is a great enemy of perfection. Control anxiety at this time and be rational. Generally unfinished works or poorly done services are the result of a lack of focus throughout the conduct of the work.

5 – Dispose of the debris properly

When thinking about works, one must consider the resulting debris, because usually this "gift" can cause problems, so much with neighbors who are bothered by the visual quality, how much attracting animals like rats and scorpions.

Budget your bucket rental and inquire about your city's debris collection services. In some locations, the city hall collects small amounts. Consult your city's information portals to learn more.

In addition, part of the debris of a work can be sold as scrap., such as old copper wires or pieces of wood in good condition.

Final Considerations

With well-done planning and calculations, in addition to focusing and choosing good professionals, your reform will be smooth and the result will be rewarding.

Perfect your choices and have a completely renewed environment that meets your needs and tastes. And best of all: no stress.

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o iniciar uma obra temos muitos planos e expectativas sobre seu resultado final. Including, conduct the renovation of your home, when there is planning, discipline, attention to detail and skilled labor, it's a great experience. However, with the absence of these factors, your work can become a big problem: overrun budgets and deadlines, unfinished renovations and money wasted. However, of course, when deciding on a reform, ainda que simplesmente seja só uma pintura predial, solutions are expected, and not problems. So, just get organized! Para ajudar você com os detalhes que devem ser considerados para uma…

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