What is the difference between architect, interior designer and civil engineer?

The engineer's role, of the architect and the interior designer confuses you? Come with us and learn the details of each of these professions.

When we think about the construction, reform or decoration of a property, we have several doubts about who is responsible for this. Should I call an architect? This is the role of the civil engineer? What an interior designer does?


It's common to have this confusion, since, despite performing different tasks, these professionals work in a complementary way. Even more if we think of a home, that needs to be well designed for the best possible use of its residents.

In this text we will know the difference between architecture, interior design and civil engineering. Let's check the task of each professional, your education and average salary.

What an architect does?

We will start with the architect for a very specific reason: he is often in the “middle” between the engineer and the designer. The main confusions are made about what is the difference between architecture and civil engineering and between interior designers.

The architect design and organize spaces, must work in accordance with the rules, the comfort, the composition and functionality of the enclosure. He can and should also take care of the supervision and execution of an architectural work, having a greater certainty that the result will come out as expected.

The architect's work is mainly in designing places, be houses, shops or open and recreational environments. It is formed for imagine these spaces, must understand the construction both in its material aspect and in its idealization.

What are the tasks of an architect?

Inside designing a location, from design to construction, the architect can count on many tasks. This diversity of functions will depend on the proposal, both professional and project.

In addition to playing roles linked to a project, the architect has other options, how to give classes and consultations. Below is a list of some of the main tasks.:

  1. provide technical assistance, advice and consultancy;
  2. Perform data collection, study, planning, design and specification;
  3. make development, analyze, experimentation, rehearsal, standardization, measurement and quality control;
  4. Directing works and technical services;
  5. prepare budgets;
  6. Develop technical and environmental feasibility studies;
  7. Run, supervise and conduct work, installation and technical service.
  8. Produce and disseminate specialized technique;
  9. work with training, teaching, university research and extension;
  10. carry out inspection, expertise, evaluation, monitoring, report, technical advice, audit and arbitration.

How to become an architect and what is your salary?

In Brazil, and in most countries of the world, to work with architecture it is necessary to have a degree in the area. The Architecture and Urbanism course dura, on average, 5 years.

Graduation is in the form of bachelor degree, that is, requires a postgraduate degree from those who intend to teach. It is offered on any shift., both non face-to-face model, how much in distance education.

The architect has a good average salary, which corresponds to the size of the responsibilities he has in service. See some numbers taken from the main job sites in the country:

  • R$ 5.516,00, indicated by the Salary website;
  • R$ 4.060,00, with data from Glassdoor;
  • R$ 4.420,00, according to Accounting.

And the civil engineer, What makes?

The civil engineer also works with the design of buildings, but this is where we differentiate the two professionals: while the architect is more focused on a concept and the design of the place, the engineer relies on the structure, in the characteristics and materials of the enterprise. His work leaves the creative sphere and has a more technical responsibility.

How are you trained in an exact sciences course?, the engineer has the ability to evaluate various physical and chemical characteristics that influence a work. It works according to temperature, relief, soil, composition of materials, etc.

What areas can an engineer work in??

The civil engineer has an even greater scope of action than the architect. In addition to being able to work on different types of work, he can assume different roles that change as a result of the nature of each one..

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See now some areas that the civil engineer can specialize:

  1. Environmental
  2. Structural calculation
  3. roads and transport
  4. Geotechnics
  5. Construction Materials
  6. Sanitation
  7. Public service

What to do to be a civil engineer and what is the salary?

there's no other way out, It is mandatory to take the Civil Engineering course to work here. Graduation is also a bachelor's degree, with an average of 5 years of duration.

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The course presents, initially, a basic cycle common to all engineering, to then enter the specific disciplines of civil. Can be done face-to-face or remotely.

Engineering has an interesting remuneration. If you invest in quality training and good experiences, the financial return will be guaranteed. See now some averages:

  • R$ 6.500,00, according to Glassdoor;
  • R$ 5.815,00, indicated by the website Vagas;
  • R$ 7.377,34, on the Salary page.

Finally, what does an interior designer do?

To end our text, we have the interior designer, the qualified professional for plan indoor environments. Your work will develop thinking about aesthetics, Security, accessibility, comfort and health of who has access to the designed environments.

But what is the difference between architecture and interior design?? Yes, mainly, the extent of performance. Designers focus on interior spaces, mostly in color, furniture and decorative elements, while architects have a greater openness to work.

where he works?

The possible tasks for the designer are very similar to some for the architect., with the difference that they are carried out for internal environments. See some examples below:

  1. study, indoor planning and design, according to customer needs;
  2. creation, design and design of furniture and other decorative and ambiance objects;
  3. choice and indication of colors, coatings and finishes that will be used in the project;
  4. providing technical consultancy in Interior Design.

What is the interior designer's training and remuneration??

A big difference to other professions: to be an interior designer no need to graduate from a specific course! The indicated is to study Architecture and Urbanism or a Technologist in Interior Design. The advantage of technologist is your duration, going from 2 to 3 years.

Here, the salary is a little lower, since, training is flexible and performances are reduced. See now some interesting numbers:

  • R$ 2.574,00, according to the website Vagas;
  • R$ 2.291,00, flagged by Glassdoor;
  • R$ 2.360,80, According to Salary website.

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