How to make boho chic decor?

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] decoration boho chic has gained a lot of space in the market, and several designers have chosen this style to present elegant and innovative concepts, attracting the attention of buyers of glued cover for sofa for this trend.

The boho chic style has in its basic concept the mixture of elements and styles, always maintaining a harmonious concept and a differentiated look, with lots of color and joy in all the elements.

The name is a reference to two important elements in the history of this aesthetic construction.. The word boho is a portmanteau of bohemian (Bohemian) with Soho, a London neighborhood that was very important for fashion and decoration, mainly in the years 1920.

This made boho chic a very popular style all over the world., being used by several stylists in the fashion world and decorators in the design world, creating true works of art with style.

Inside fashion, both men's and women's clothing make great use of visual references, attracting interest and curiosity from experts when it appears on the catwalks.

The secret of boho chic is harmony, that manages to unite elements of different styles such as:

  • Vintage;
  • Romantic;
  • Hippie;
  • Country.

Nature and freedom are also very important concepts for boho chic and are present in all works that use the style..

Letting creativity take wing and flow is one of the main ways to create an environment in this style., always counting on one blind washing company to maintain the proper structure.

Combinations can look daring in the long run, but they naturally end up integrating, creating an important visual reference for your decor as a whole, mainly in prominent environments in the property.

boho chic features

After understanding the concept of this style of decoration a little better, It is important to know which elements are used the most to create a quality boho chic environment.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that these elements are not mandatory, since the whole focus of style is precisely to be free and let creativity act normally.

However, understanding these characteristics can help you take a first step in residential condominium construction that is inspired by this style.

They are usually elements that interact well with each other., maintaining harmony even when used by different styles, maintaining the decoration proposal and allowing a more differentiated environment.


Wood is one of the main elements of decoration and can be used in many places., from furniture to decorative objects, even as a coating on the floor or walls. It is a great base to create any type of environment..

The wood has a warm tone for the places where it is the focus of the decoration., allowing the creation of pleasant and relaxed environments, that help people feel good when they spend time there in their residential construction management.

Old wooden pieces help create a more rustic style, like vintage touches, what is very trendy lately. In addition, it is possible to combine the wood with a series of other elements.

Handcrafted work goes well with wooden pieces., like crochet and patchwork. In addition, stones can also be used to help with decoration and create an even more stylish environment..


The use of vibrant colors goes well with boho chic.. The style uses a lot of bright and cheerful colors, in addition to working with some prints in particular. Ethnic and floral are very common in decoration in this pattern..

After creating a neutral base with the furniture, mainly taking advantage of the brown and beige found in the chosen pieces of wood, you can take advantage of the colors to create a differentiated environment with the planting native seedlings.

It is very common to use primary colors, but the decoration is up to whoever is creating the design, always keeping in mind both the question of harmony and the freedom to explore.

within the colors, many combinations can be made, using derivatives of the main tones to give differentiation but without losing the unity in the decoration, which helps make it clear that you are aiming for a boho chic style.

This kind of change can completely transform a room., and it's important to plan ahead to create a different color concept that aligns with your desire for a particular room., enhancing the style of your property.

Main patterns

The patterns follow the trend of freedom of the rest of the decoration.. Some of the most common are floral and ethnic., that allow for a greater variety of choice, but it is possible to use different patterns for your style.

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The more you can take advantage of these patterns, the more unique the look of the environment will be, that you can find in different products that make up the look, like pillows, decorative objects and even the most important pieces in your office architecture works management.

Some people choose to put wallpapers with different patterns to further highlight some element of the decor., creating a stylish environment that draws the attention of visitors.

combining items

One of the main focuses of the boho chic style is to keep all the decoration fluid., light and balanced. Therefore, even though you can explore its possibilities, it is important to avoid exaggeration.

A good way to identify how to make this combination is to think about the big picture.. Thus, if you want to use objects with vibrant colors in the decoration, having a neutral base on the furniture helps maintain that structure.

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If you want an environment with printed items, leave the walls smooth to contrast. This type of action helps to make the environment more stylized within the concept of boho chic with items from a custom doormat factory.

How to make this decoration?

Now that you understand a little better how boho chic is made and what are your main options for setting up a decoration using the style, It is important to understand how to apply in each different type of room.

Remember that each person is unique, and for being a style that values ​​diversity, it is important to know how to count on the variety of choices to be able to create an environment that is really within the style.

Thus, you adapt your items and other elements to the reality you want to build, exploring all the quality of boho chic inside your decor, thus expanding its possibilities in a garden furniture store.


Living rooms are one of the favorite rooms for decorators to use boho chic.. As a social environment, you can explore it in several different ways, creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

A comfortable sofa is a fundamental piece for the decoration. If possible, complement it with puffs and pillows to make it even more comfortable for the people who will visit your room.

the handcrafted elements, as decorative objects, curtains and rugs, can help you find balance between the pieces, making them essential items in this boho chic decorating process.


The bedroom is a very intimate place, ideal for you to enjoy and rest, In addition to being a very cozy environment.. That's why a little care is needed when applying the boho chic style in the bedroom..

That doesn't mean he can't look amazing., just that care is needed not to overload the environment with miscellaneous pieces, leaving a feeling of excess within the environment.

Changing bedding patterns and colors, curtains and even rugs is an excellent way to start inserting this type of feature into your decorating style..


The kitchen is another room that can make the most of the boho chic style.. You can create a unique decoration by joining pots, pans and towels with different patterns and colors. Here, ethnic prints make all the difference and positively complement the room..

A boho chic kitchen is very interesting to make the environment more pleasant, especially for people who like to have guests in the kitchen, where they can spend more time enjoying together.

This type of interaction is important and helps to leave the whole house in a different style., taking advantage of all its creative potential to make environments much more unique.

Final Considerations

Style that has gained more and more space, boho chic is a great way to highlight your design possibilities and take advantage of a series of elements that at first glance seem disjointed..

By creating a harmony structure, these items end up giving a special highlight to the environment, drawing the attention of all who visit the space and increasing interest in this type of decoration.

The more creative freedom you use within your creations, best. This helps to understand all your possibilities and how much you can expand your structure to create a truly special property..

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