How to set up an industrial decoration

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] industrial decoration is a style that has become popular over time and, today, is one of the darlings of decoration lovers. Its rustic style allows for a series of experiences, that can make the environment charming and elegant, with touches of modernity.

The New York of the years 60 experienced many behavioral changes, mainly with regard to fashion and lifestyle. It was in this period that many young people sought their independence, and for that they needed a place they could afford.

Despite today being one of the noblest neighborhoods in the city, Chelsea was at the time a bohemian neighborhood, where several beginner artists managed to rent a space to live.

It was an environment of abandoned warehouses and factories, that were transformed into houses by the creative minds of the time. The decoration was made according to the possibility, and usually mixed more modern elements with the business structure of the property.

This need ended up bearing fruit, since industrial decorations gradually began to form part of people's imagination and, today, are actively pursued in new structures.


One of the main points of industrial decoration is the fact that the structure of the property is evident. Bricks, beams, exposed pipes and burnt cement coating are some of the design possibilities for the style.

However, the idea is not to have a property with an unfinished appearance. The decorator must know where to apply each of these techniques, so that the environment looks rustic, but not incomplete.

Decoration trends allow, even, that small spaces take this type of decoration. That's because industrial design was created in warehouses transformed into loft, so its base is large buildings and without separation of rooms.

You do not need, however, tear down your walls to achieve an environment in this style. Just understand which pieces and elements you should use to transform your home.

One of the most important points of industrial decoration is the space. Try to keep the whole structure in a minimalist tone, with few parts and furniture, even if the space is large.

The more empty space you have, better to be able to apply this design style.

Discover the elements of industrial decoration

Some important points must be taken into account when you decide to make an industrial decoration.

These are details that can make all the difference in setting up a structure in this style and that are appropriate for your design.. Being them:


The color scheme is one of the pillars of any decor. It sets the tone that the environment will receive, and must be in accordance with the aesthetic choices of each style.

In the case of industrial decoration, there is a predominance of neutral colors, a reflection of the concept of industries, that prioritize productivity and focus.

A company of building painting, for example, can help you define the best color schemes and how to work to assemble your decor in the most correct way for the style.

Even so, it is possible to mix some more earthy colors to achieve a greater highlight to some specific element. Among the main color options, we can quote:

  • White;
  • Grey;
  • Moss green;
  • Brown.

These colors must be applied throughout the design concept, from floors and walls to window frames, in addition to decorative objects and furniture that you choose to place on site.

Main materials

The industrial structure also uses a series of materials that refer to the business concept. One of the main points are metals and concrete, that can be applied in different ways to have a greater impact on the environment.

So, thinking that way, of stainless steel table can be an excellent start for your industrial decor, taking advantage of the modern concept of iron in the structure.

In addition, glass and mirrors are ideal for this type of decoration, mainly in smaller spaces, since they allow the environment to expand. Wood, mainly in a rustic way, can give a unique charm to the place.

Typical industrial decoration materials are always very welcome, so pipes and irons can end up creating interesting furniture like a table or a sideboard.

In addition, you can fit elements with a luminaire, for a more rustic effect. It is also possible to fit a stainless steel shelf in decoration, combining practicality with style.

Concrete and wood are ideal flooring options, and the excess of any of these two materials can end up being used for other elements of the decoration, like walls and balconies.

If you want a brick wall, it is important to pay attention to colors and styles, maintaining cohesion with the environment it is creating. Otherwise, a good option is to paint them in a neutral color to be able to fit the wall in the concept.

To add a special touch, the steel bending and cutting, done by a professional, can create unique pieces for you to use as decorative objects, giving a more modern tone to the environment.

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In addition, leather and various fabrics can complete the ambience, giving a unique charm to the place.

Attention to the details

The idea behind industrial decoration is to keep things as “raw” as possible. This means that the details make the difference in the decoration, mainly in highlights of the property.

For furniture, choose those with straight lines, that remain simple and without many decorative elements. The idea is to create a cozy and modern environment, but maintaining the structure of an industry.

Old furniture, however, are a separate case. That's because antiques can give a special tone to the property, and fit perfectly into the environment. Brighter touches of color are not prohibited, and can make a good contrast to the decorative pattern.

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In addition, plants are an excellent way to give more life to the environment. They can still maintain the rustic image of industrial decor, but they bring life and freshness to the room.

As for lighting, the main element here is to keep it in the industrial tone. Therefore, wires that end directly in lamps, hanging lights and iron lamps can give a whole concept to the room, bringing adequate light.

Some industrial electrical assembly are starting to apply business concepts to homes, creating interesting structures with a low installation cost.

If you are preparing a more cozy environment, yellow light may be the best option to choose. However, in a functional environment, white light is more practical and illuminates better.

If you have the possibility to use natural light, enjoy. The original concept of industrial decoration includes large windows, because of the shed concept, and this type of lighting is very good to renew your environment.

Your industrial style home

There are countless possibilities for industrial decoration. Nowadays, with market facilities, it's even easier to find the pieces you need to transform any room with a modern, clean design.

Herself concrete polishing can become an important element to give personality to a specific room. Therefore, you can take advantage of some important elements that you can use in each of the main rooms of your home.


The industrial kitchen is a new concept, which normally fits very well in conjunction with the living room.

Here, the importance is to create wide spaces and use steel and wood materials to create a more rustic environment that refers to the industrial concept.

Waiting room

This is one of the main rooms in a house. This is where most residents spend a good deal of time, and where social gatherings and visits take place. Therefore, it is important to prioritize comfort.

A large sofa, some armchairs with metal support and few objects around can completely transform the room.

Bet on rugs and plants to complete the look, keeping the concept minimalist, but without losing the charm and comfort in the structure.


This is one of the most intimate places in the house, and so it needs special attention. Here, the importance is to create an environment of rest and warmth.

Therefore, invest in wooden objects and more intimate lighting, to be able to take advantage of the entire structure of the room.

Final Considerations

The popularization of interior design allowed a series of concepts to be thought by people of any social class. Nowadays, decorating a house is much easier and affordable.

Even the installation of a cellular concrete slab can be the beginning of a complex decoration change in your home.

With this, it is important to think about decoration concepts and techniques to be able to apply everything you already planned in your home.

The industrial concept can come as an excellent option, since the rustic and minimalist tones present in the design end up making it not necessary a high cost to completely transform an environment.

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