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How to assemble a monochromatic decoration?. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.
How to assemble a monochromatic decoration?. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

How to assemble a monochromatic decoration?

PTo find the best style of decoration for a residential property or commercial establishment there are a number of issues to consider.. Among them the artistic trends that stand out the most, as a monochrome decoration nowadays.

This is because artistic movements tend to renew themselves with great frequency., taking into account dominant elements within the social scenario to which it finds itself. With the local culture being directly linked to the social moment of a region.

A cultural current that ends up defining the most different types of artistic movements that appears to move not only the artistic class, as well as the very conception of the market to which such artistic installations can be applied.

Within this reality, the decoration trends themselves end up being defined, involving the creation of a demand on top of specific products. Increasing, for example, the number of orders for one aluminum furniture factory.

When taking into account the greater public demand for this variety of furniture. A direct consequence of the greater appreciation of this type of material, not only for its practicality or lower cost, but rather because of its presence in artistic trends.

In a movement that often arises spontaneously, with the greater use of this type of material for a series of issues that may be associated with the development of a society, that ends up adopting components in its actions.

A type of relationship that is often associated with the emergence of new artistic trends, since art and culture are directly connected with the reality of a period, standing out as a form of expression of this public in such a moment.

Something to directly impact decoration movements, in terms of materials and decorative currents to be adopted within a specific period. Having to be taken into account even by those who work with a works administration.

It is necessary to follow these trends, so that it is possible to build a property that is of satisfaction for those looking for a new residence to live in.. In a space that allows the application of a specific decoration style, like the monochrome.

The evolution of decoration movements

The decoration styles will evolve over time, adopting new trends in certain periods taking advantage of certain cultural currents, as in the current scenario, in which the nostalgic style is gaining strength, there is a whole market for this feeling.

The ornamentation movement of a property accompanies this type of thinking, working with different style lines, based on the type of tone that best pleases a population within a specific time frame.

Relationship that causes the styles of houses and apartments to change over time, as well as the people who inhabit such spaces, which ends up creating a style associated with a period, like the so-called fashion in the years 60, 70 and successively.

No need to study a book on artistic trends to see an example of this, since such a relationship can be perceived simply by leafing through a family photo album, and realize that the furniture keeps up with the changes in haircuts.

In addition to other features that end up highlighting the image that is being created over a period of time., with architectural services house building having to follow this movement, with the introduction of new models.

Leaving, for example, from the grand houses of our grandparents to the more intimate apartments that are found through the real estate market today., following a cultural trend, but also economic.

Currents that directly impact the type of decor that can be found in a space, as in the domain of minimalist style. A trend governed by the feeling that “less is more”, with the use of colors and elements in lesser prominence.

speaking of colors, the predominance of a specific tone within an artistic construction results in the amplification of a particular decorative art movement, with the so-called monochrome style.

How does monochrome decor work??

This decorative style works from the predominance of a specific tone., making sure the feelings associated with such a tonality are amplified to the fullest, to the point of being perceived by those who visit a space.

What can be associated with the most different types of spaces to be raised by the sector of residential building construction, when taking into account the cultural differentiation of the residents of a building, that can adopt different styles in the decoration of their homes.

In some cases with the predominance of a decorative style being present only in a specific room, what commonly makes the children's room of teenagers so different from the rest of the house.

Identifying that space as belonging to that particular individual, that exposes your identity through the artistic movement chosen to be stamped on the walls of your room, with the presence of posters, decoration and color of the place.

talking to it, a monochromatic decoration stands out precisely from the predominance of a sensation, that is usually associated with a specific tonality. Being a style present in movies, works of art and also in decoration.

To exemplify this cultural tendency, it is possible to cite the works of the American director Wes Anderson, with specific emphasis on the film The Grand Budapest Hotel (2013), with the predominance of pink and reddish tones.

In the work itself, as in the construction of the hotel that gives the film its title. Following the directions raised by chromotherapy, a science dedicated to the study of the meaning of colors. Important concept for a paint company.

Because, so that it is possible to highlight a specific shade to be adopted within a monochromatic decoration, it is necessary to know the characteristics associated with each shade of color.


The predominance of soft tones, like white, is usually associated with a space of purity, whether physical or spiritual clarity, being a very adopted tone in the accomplishment of rites and religious events, for example.

Based on this and with the aim of highlighting the cleanliness of a place, it is common for this white tonality to be found in spaces such as:

  • hospitals;
  • Offices;
  • Offices;
  • religious temples;
  • residential real estate.

I do not case two domestic environments, the presence of white is very common as it guarantees the provision of a more neutral space, open for the application of different decorative elements.

Black and Gray

As for the darker shades, with emphasis on black and gray, the greatest association is usually that of a refined space, being the predominant color in products belonging to a line premium, for example.

Soon, being the most used color in stores that follow this differentiated style of refinement, like a clothing boutique.

To soften the dark tone left by such a hue, is interested in resorting to aluminum frame company, for installing large windows in these spaces, highlighting natural lighting that helps to bring out the black and dark gray of the place.

orange and yellow

Now, if your intention is to work with a more inviting and sunny space, the biggest highlight is the colors that are usually associated with the representation of the sun, like orange and yellow.

Thus evidencing an ideal of joy and fun for such a room., suitable for family gathering space, like the living room or kitchen.


Red usually stands out because of its warm and flashy tone., and if anyone is willing to see such feelings associated with the decoration of a space, this is the ideal shade to be adopted in the decoration of such rooms or properties.

Being very common to be seen in commercial establishments, com as sex shops, but your company also stands out in points such as snack bars, for ensuring an idea of ​​greater energy for such places.

A concept that can be amplified with the hiring of a led lighting company, in order to increase the illumination of these spaces of reddish tones.


The shades of blue are directly associated with a movement of peace and harmony., when relating to the waves of the sea and the hue of the sky. Therefore, its rescue of feelings of tranquility is ideal for spaces such as a waiting room..


the greenish tones, on the other hand, are more related to other natural environments, for its approach to the tone of flowers and other environmental settings. Being the ideal to be worked with a gardening and landscaping company.

The most important, regardless of the chosen shade, to ensure that this predominance is done correctly, is through the alignment of decorative and furniture elements to be positioned in a space.

Because if the color combination is interesting, the predominance of a tone can also have its importance for the decoration of a property, be it commercial or residential.

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