New exhibition at V744atelier, which opens this Saturday (12) brings together works by Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari

The exhibition “Beabá” proposes a poetic pre-language


What implications are at stake?, when two artists with particular experiences and investigations propose to place their aesthetic universes in juxtaposition? What dialogues are possible and what paths in the field of art can such encounters give rise to?? Visual artists, Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari, that inaugurate the exhibition beabá, no V744 Atelier, not next day 12 from March, Saturday, to 17h, within the project “I invite that invites”, are not looking for answers to these questions.. For them, what matters are the possibilities offered by the aesthetic game, the incessant search for a possible poetic path, the discoveries that, individually, or two, this meeting can provide. What the visiting public will find is a unique experience, much more guided by the senses, by the playful, than objective answers, proper.

The collection of works for the exhibition Beabá is the result of the relationship of collegiality and friendship between Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari over more than two decades of production.. In the case of the present exhibition, the artists developed the proposal together with independent works that dialogue with each other, creating a set that approaches the concept of a pre-language, in a poetic approach which they called Beabá.

long coexistence


This dialogic relationship between Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari begins in Torreão, school and place for the promotion of contemporary art, active in Porto Alegre for 16 years, and extends to this day, involving many aspects of art and life. of art, design issues arise, painting, architecture, written, site-specific and language work, among others. "Of life, come friendship, the companionship and coexistence that, although not so often, is always very productive”, observe Recena. This includes family aspects at different times in their trajectories.. In this sense, the interventions of Bernardo and Natalia, in their differences, children of Recena, as well as from Caetana, daughter of sari, appear in the current production of the artists, directly, as well as the landscape in which their domestic lives are embedded: of the landscape without space, to the Pampa.

Landscapes are also built by language, either by the absence of the word (Bernardo), either through the acquisition of language through the word (Caetana), or by the presence of the double-plate language of the Southern Frontier. This identity, in some way, is shared by the artists, because it is the home of Marcos Sari and, in a way, constitutes the horizon of Maria Paula Recena.

In this poetic and intimate context appears Beabá, result of the process of working and thinking a poetic pre-language that can, in a certain way, artistic concerns that are manifested in the poetic interventions that will be presented. Drawings, objects, words, pressed graphite, sounds, grunts, landscape sketches and schemes, gathered and organized by the artists, transform the noun Beabá into a verb open to the flow of gestures.

The exhibition

The montage begins with the work of Maria Paula Recena that gives the exhibition its name: beabá. This is composed of a series of pendant objects in colored acrylic with barely legible inscriptions.. The room is made up of drawings from the series “Escapes on land”, by Marcos Sari; a drawing from the series “Landscapes without space”, by Recena, and a joint work called “Grandma's Table”.

“Landscapes” are made with colored pencils and markers. In these drawings, the artist deconstructs the Pampa landscape in drawings that have interferences or collages made with the appropriation of parts of Caetana's drawings. The drawing of the series “Landscapes without space” is a 10m, made by pressing/crushing graphite onto roll paper, in process that the artist only sees the entire work when unfolding the drawing, after ready, in accessible place. The “Grandma's Table” is an experimental work that will be developed together in the assembly.

complete the show, a production by Marcos Sari, called “4 elements”, in which certain soundscapes and babbling are heard in the reproduction of this piece of sound art. in outdoor area, a set of sticks in much larger dimensions than usual, by Maria Paula Recena, can be manipulated. Inside the word game idea, suspended in the hybrid language of the dry border between Brazil and Uruguay, a “charla” called “Charles Cruces”, by Sari and Mariana Dos Santos, will be made available for visitors to take a copy of this text-talk-invention home.


Maria Paula Recena (Porto Alegre/RS, 1964) is an architect, visual artist, Master in Visual Poetics/PPGAV-UFRGS 2005 and PhD in Architecture/PROPAR-UFRGS 2013. He did a Post-Doctoral Internship/PPGAV-UFRGS between 2014 and 2016. He was part of the Torreão between 1998 and 2005, years of intense exchange, sharing workshops and training. It was mapped in the first Itaú Cultural Rumos. Develop your work with installations and objects, in parallel with the research with drawings that involve, in your process, a performative dimension. paused between 2007 and 2018, working only theoretical questions. She resumes her work in an Artist Residency at LINHA.poa, in 2019. was selected, in 2020, in the Itaú Arte Public Notices such as Respiro and Funarte Respirarte. She was a collaborating professor at PPGAV-UFRGS in 2014 to 2016. Currently, Professor of the Graduate Program in Architecture at UFRGS, with interdisciplinary research in art and architecture. Lives and works in Porto Alegre / Brasil.

Marcos Sari (Porto Alegre/RS, 1972). Bachelor of Visual Arts from UFRGS (2003). It was part of the Tower (independent contemporary art school) in Porto Alegre, where he actively participated in the courses and workshops opened between 1997 and 2009. It exhibits its work in various media highlighting artistic installations, landscape interventions and artist books, since 2001. He received a scholarship from the Iberê Camargo Foundation in 2010 and was part of the 8th Mercosul Biennial in 2011. Works with art education for different audiences. coordinates, since 2003, the Meio Project together with Daniele Marx producing publications and actions between Porto Alegre and Amsterdam. Currently, is professor of the Fine Arts course at the University of La República del Uruguay (UDELAR) in Rivera. Since 2020 has been developing the series of drawings with collages Escapes em terra, departing from landscape observation, selected in FAC Digital RS. Currently, works in the collective 3:PAN, created in 2021 for poetic actions in the border region between Livramento (BR) and Rivera (UY) in times of pandemic. Lives and works between the Livramento border (BR)/Rivera(UY) and Porto Alegre/Brazil

About the V744 Atelier

Designed by visual artist Vilma Rattle, the V744 Atelier is a place to create and exhibit contemporary art. Hosts exhibitions by guest artists, but also accepts proposals from creators who are developing their research and production in all languages, with relevance, in contemporary art. Inaugurated in 18 September 2021, with the exhibition “The other way around…may not be what it is”, by Sonaglio, has already hosted the exhibition “Landscape without Return”, by André Venzon and Igor Sperotto (19/12/21 to 25/02/22). Beabá is the third show in the exhibition space.

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What: “Beabá”, exhibition by visual artists Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari, within the project “I invite that invites”.

When: Opening Day 12 March 2022, Saturday, the 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Visitors until 28 April 2022, from wednesdays to fridays, from 14h to 17h, spontaneously. Other times will be scheduled through Instagram direct V744atelier.

Mandatory use of mask and alcohol gel available, as well as orientation for 2m distance between people.

Where: V744 Atelier | Rua Visconde do Rio Branco, 744, Forest neighborhood, Porto Alegre-RS

How much: Free entry

Age recommendation: Free


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