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Photo: Rachel Claire no Pexels.
Photo: Rachel Claire no Pexels.

Get to know the boho decorating style and how to apply it

A boho decor is one of the most popular among homes worldwide, not only because it exudes a strong authentic style and full of cultural references, but also because it is characterized as a form of aesthetic freedom, highly well thought out.

For many years this was not only a way to decorate a house, setting up an interesting living space, but a way of expression that involved pieces of art, old furniture and comfortable unpretentiousness.

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Nowadays that style, besides being one of the most chosen in the decoration of younger houses in residential property valuation, it has also become a great form of personal style, entering the fashion and even the daily lives of many people.

In the article below we will understand more about what this decoration is in a broad sense, knowing its characteristics that can be a good way for those who decide to invest in the tidiness of a house, plus tips for putting it into practice.

What is a boho decor?

The word boho comes from the word bohemian, which has a close meaning of bohemian, that is, pointing to a lifestyle that is more focused on the charm of fine arts, by the music, for the comfort and mainly for the strong sympathy for old things.

One of the main and oldest ways to understand boho in decoration is to know that this is a way to be free with the choices of everything that makes up a home., giving air to freedom, but without leaving an aesthetic standard.

For example, in a boho decor we can see a high predominance of earthy tones, mixed on a more neutral color basis, that may have wooden furniture in their composition, handmade objects and works of art.

This predominance, in a way, is an inspiration for the hippies and intellectuals' homes of the 60 and 70, who had the principle of tidying up a home, but without leaving aside its cultural personality, especially in the arts.

One of the main points to note within the boho decor is the tourist footprint, not just in furniture, but also in elements that bring an idea that they were always there, been part of the construction of the house for some time.

Another important issue within the predominance of bohemian decoration is the appearance of items that add a greater amount of romanticism, through flowers from flower distributor and even by lacy fabrics, with simpler airs.

A good example of this can be seen in American homes, in places where the countryside and the city come together, transforming something that would be a barrier. In these locations there is a strong incidence of simple decoration, but without being simplistic.

More about its main features

Below we will talk about some of the main features that we find in a boho decor, something that facilitates your differentiation with other, as a minimalist, the modern and even the rustic, although they are all in some traits.

It is possible to note that a boho decorating environment may have not only wooden furniture or antique items, but that they can also be combined with contemporary and even industrial items, such as stainless steel shelf, common and accessible furniture.

See below the main ways to understand more about this decoration, and thus work so that your home can incorporate your style in a natural way and centered on a minimalist idea, but with great personality.

Color mix

One of the main ways to identify a boho style is when we see that there is a wide mixture of colors, especially those considered stronger, out of the clear palette, pastel. This mix almost always happens between colors:

  • Green;
  • Mustard;
  • Orange;
  • blue;
  • Strong yellow;
  • Among others.

The variation of these colors also happens in a sense of textures. For example, it is possible to have a electrical installations design which evidences pipes of varied colors, making a good connection to the coloring of the wall, furniture and objects.

One of the main ways to obtain these variations is through a natural structuring of the components, making your junction convey a total idea of ​​boho, uncompromising, but well thought out as a place of personality.

Handmade ornaments

Handicrafts have a strong presence in boho decor, since it is through this element that much of the naturalness and rustic sense is transmitted. There are countless possibilities for decorations, from those arrested to those left on the floor.

A self-respecting boho decor contains items, like tables, glasses, dishes and even handmade sculptures, or with a more natural footprint, delivering a cozy home close to an increasingly simple reality.

Many people also like to invest in wood printing and other items that bring the use of materials found on earth, that are almost always reused, recycled and to be reused as something different, adding the originality of the pieces.

Mix of decorative styles

It is important to highlight that in the construction of a boho decorating style, the mixture of different decorative styles prevails in an increasingly evident way, always finding a way to take advantage of each of its qualities.

For example, in a boho style home you can find romantic furniture, with lighter woods and more rustic finishes, technology and other items that refer to modernity, use of natural elements, that give a freshness to the house, among other.

Thus, it becomes easier and easier to understand that that environment has an idea of ​​bringing everything that strengthens a personality more open to different possibilities, making detachment clear with just one way of communicating in the decor.

Neutral color palette

Although more colorful color palettes and textured objects, such as rugs and curtains, bring a good insight into what boho decor really is, are neutral colors, clearer, that form the basis of the entire structure of the house.

This basis comes to the fore so that other items are in evidence, more than the other way around, where walls and other colorful objects would steal the attention of those in the room, bringing too much information, and running away from the idea of ​​boho.

When making a restoration of old tacos for a boho space, it is important to choose a base of colors aimed at the lighter ones, like white, gray and even black, giving the neutrality that the house needs so that other colors can shine.

Tips to put this decoration into practice

Now that you understand the basics of boho decor, and understand how it can differentiate among so many others that are successful in most of the houses we see in magazines, you need to know how to put this stripped style into practice.

As its name suggests, the focus is bohemian, that is, some essential elements are responsible for giving the air of a house more focused on freedom and the valuation of objects that describe a behavior or even a style of the residents.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. Usar tecidos na decoração

The fabrics bring a feeling of lightness to a decoration, although the objects and furniture that surround them have a different visual bias. Therefore, whenever possible bet on the purchase of good materials, that convey an idea of ​​antiquity or romanticism.

2. Apostar em estampas

The prints can be seen both indoors and in high standard landscaping design, in vases and even in the furniture that make up the environment. It is interesting to make a game of these materials with objects and structures of more neutral colors.

3. Misturar acessórios e artesanatos

The clear intention of boho decor is to mix themes, bringing together its best elements to create a highly unique and visually interesting environment. A good tip is to place more handmade objects next to colorful accessories, like tables and chairs.

4. Investir em plantas na decoração

Plants are great options inside a house, bringing a sense of nature, which integrates with more striking colors and older objects, like wooden beds and colorful racks. Invest in the ones you find most interesting and easy to care for.

5. Utilizar mobílias de madeira e móveis retrô

How about putting wooden furniture or those retro items in a room, combining, for example, with a chandelier ceiling? This is a good tip to incorporate lightness at the same time that rustic and unpretentious air predominates in your home.

Final Considerations

Boho decor is one of the most interesting for homes, even more Brazilians, where there is a strong presence and combination of nature and culture.

Making use of its main features, it is possible to set up an interesting environment with little money.

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decoração boho é uma das mais populares entre as casas de todo o mundo, not only because it exudes a strong authentic style and full of cultural references, but also because it is characterized as a form of aesthetic freedom, highly well thought out. For many years this was not only a way to decorate a house, setting up an interesting living space, but a way of expression that involved pieces of art, old furniture and comfortable unpretentiousness. Nowadays that style, além de ser um dos mais escolhidos nas decorações de casas mais jovens em avaliação de…

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