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Discover the best types of flooring for your decor

Andchoose the best coating types it is not as simple a task as it seems. after all, you need to take into account the style of the environment, the feeling you want to convey, as well as the quality and strength of the material.

Furthermore, the wall coverings collaborate with the maintenance of the property, giving the final finish and offering protection for the space. Thus, it is important to reflect and plan well, since there is a large number of materials available on the market.

Anyway, it cannot be forgotten that coverings are extremely important for decoration, contributing to make the environment more sophisticated and harmonious.

For this reason, in case you have doubts which coating to choose, it is recommended to contact an architecture or interior design professional to carry out the residential property valuation and recommend the best finish.

To help you with this, today's article will show you some material tips. Continue reading and discover the best types of flooring for your decor!

Porcelain tiles

Normally, porcelain tiles are used on the floor, but several decoration projects already use these materials applied to the walls, mainly in wet areas, like the bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens.

One of the main characteristics of porcelain tiles is its sophistication. For this reason, is the most suitable material for those who want a more elegant and modern style.

The porcelain finish is generally homogeneous and with neutral colors, like white, creme, gray or black. However, you can find a wide variety of colors and textures, including pieces that imitate marble, wood or burnt cement coating.

Although not a stone, porcelain tiles are a great substitute, since it is extremely resistant and with an excellent final finish. In addition, it has low water absorption, avoiding infiltrations in the walls.

The price of porcelain tiles can vary widely, depending on the model, size and brand. Yet, is one of the most cost-effective coatings, in view of its quality, warranty and durability.

Hydraulic tile or tile

Hydraulic tiles and tiles are already known in the decoration industry. That's because these coatings are very popular, mainly in wet areas, like kitchens and bathrooms.

With a multitude of styles, colors and prints, coatings adapt to any type of decoration. The hydraulic tile, for example, is recommended for those who want to follow a more retro line, while the tile has more modern options.

Tiles and tiles are known for their versatility and strength. For this reason, they became very famous in home decor, being used even in conjunction with facade painting.

However, the price of these coatings is usually a little higher, since the manufacturing process is much more manual, compared to other materials.

São Tomé stone cladding

São Tomé stone cladding is extremely sophisticated, being an option for those looking for a different decoration and, at the same time, that remains intact for long decades.

São Tomé stone is mined in the state of Minas Gerais and has several shapes, colors and sizes. In this way, it is possible to design the coating to be applied in different environments and styles.

Among the advantages of this coating, stand out:

  • Stain resistance, risks and bad weather;
  • Does not absorb moisture or heat;
  • Promotes thermal insulation in environments;
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Stones are commonly associated with the more rustic style, but they look good everywhere, even for more sophisticated decorations.


Just like tiles and hydraulic tiles, tablets are also very common in the bathroom and kitchen, due to the high resistance to humidity. They are available in various materials, with great color variation.

One of the differentiators of the insert is its ability to form drawings. In addition, it is possible to find it in different materials, with the possibility of drawing up a stainless steel wall covering with metallic inserts.

Regarding the cost, inserts are slightly more expensive than porcelain. For this reason, many people use the coating only to compose a strip, contributing to the aesthetics of the environment.

Painel 3D

3D panels have become very popular in modern decor, due to its clean application and excellent cost-benefit. Depending on the type of material, they can be installed in wet areas, offering moisture resistance.

In addition, the 3D panel can be combined with a epoxy painting, to give the environment a futuristic style.

An additional advantage of the coating is its potential for sound insulation, due to irregular reliefs.


The Wallpaper é um revestimento que dispensa apresentações. In addition to being a practical and economical option, the material does not require the work of specialists for its installation, since the residents themselves can easily apply it.

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Including, an alternative is to ask for building painting company leave some walls free for the application of the coating.

However, the wallpaper is not suitable for wet areas, since its moisture resistance is low. Thus, the tip is to use it in rooms, rooms and other social environments.

As for colors and prints, you can find countless types of wallpaper, including options with drawings.

Machined concrete

For those who identify more with the industrial style, the lightweight machined concrete is an excellent option. It can be applied directly to the walls, giving a modern and stripped look.

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Concrete is an extremely durable and resistant coating, besides being easy to apply. Because of that, many people are adhering to this style, since it proved to be a very viable option for those who want a modern and economical decoration.

To simulate the effect of concrete, another alternative is to application of burnt cement like painting on the walls. This option is very viable for outdoor areas, like spaces gourmet, balconies and backyard.

Nano prime

The nano prime is considered the fourth and latest generation of nanoglass, a product with high strength, durability and scratch-free, stains and weathering actions. In addition, the material also doesn't suffer from chemicals, mold and abrasion.

One of the nano prime differentials is its zero absorption of liquids. This means that it can be applied even in open areas, with the incidence of rain, as well as bathrooms, kitchens and washrooms.

The high technology of the nano prime allows the preparation of finishes with impressive levels of detail, making the stone extremely sophisticated for all types of environments.

Another advantage of the product is its ability to polish over the years. Thus, if the nano prime suffers any damage or loses its shine, a simple cleaning, with the right product, is able to reinvigorate the material.

Besides that, it is also a hygienic material, since it doesn't stick dirt or bacteria.

How to choose the ideal coating?

Faced with so many options, it can be even more difficult to find the ideal coating for your wall. However, planning can be the key to finding the best material, according to your personal needs and tastes.

The first step is to decide which environment you want to cover. This will guide the most appropriate model, since wet areas must receive materials with greater water resistance, while the rooms require a coating with thermal insulation potential.

After, think about the effect you want to have on the environment. There are some more sophisticated coatings, while others give the impression of creativity and modernity, looking more stripped down.

Finally, it's important to put on paper how much you plan to spend. Some materials can be expensive, even more if your area is large. Therefore, have a spending limit in hand, not to hinder your financial planning.

With these tips, you can make smarter choices that really match your style.


Decorating the house is not an easy task. Unlike, it is necessary to reflect a lot on all the details that involve a single environment, besides considering your own style, to give personality to the place.

Wall coverings weigh heavily when decorating. For this reason, making the right choice is paramount.

Today's article brought some of the best types of coatings, with versatile options for you to decorate the environments. Remember that it is important to consult a professional, not to make mistakes and make the right purchase.

Thus, you will have a unique decoration, personalized and sophisticated for your home!

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