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Discover the ideal types of glass to decorate your home

Sopen what are the ideal glasses to decorate your home can be a big job, but it's very rewarding, since, glass is an element that has been increasingly part of interior design, and knowing how to use it is a very good differential..

This material is very versatile and offers many benefits for any architectural project, that's why it has been increasingly consumed in different environments. Among its advantages, we can quote:

  • better lighting;
  • sound control;
  • Greater security;
  • more style.

However, to get the desired results, It is important to know how to apply these tools.. There are several different types of glasses, with quirks and features, like the glass office partitions.

These elements are important for you to be able to confidently choose which type of element will be used for your structure. Therefore, knowing the main types of glass and their uses is essential..

Know the main types of glass

The glass models are super varied and different. There are common and cheaper models, even highly worked and resistant materials. Therefore, it is important to know what the main models are and what they are for.

In this way, you get more assertiveness in your choice, ensuring you are making the best decision to decorate your home, using this material in each specific environment or combining with a stainless steel cabinet.

1 – Vidro Float

This is the most common model of glass, and uses a mixture of silica with potassium, alumina, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Material can be transparent, smoked or greenish, depending on its use and need.

Its manufacture is extremely economical, making it widely used in several elements. float glass, however, is fragile and prone to break. It's important that you use this type of resource carefully to get the best out of it..

The use on windows and doors must be placed in protected places, to avoid the need for constant changes due to accidents, as with a retractable glass cover.

If you need to use the glass in a external area, like a balcony or a balcony, this model is not the most recommended. It doesn't support very high temperatures, so it is important to avoid using it in a box or in kitchens.

For decoration elements, however, this model is very suitable, in addition to having a competitive price in the market, making it much more popular.

In addition, this model has a much greater malleability, allowing you to explore your decorating possibilities in a more diverse way.

2 – Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a much stronger version than regular glass, offering a more secure structure for your routine.

Tempered glass undergoes a more specialized thermal process than float, which guarantees it won't break so easily, that is, thanks to surface treatment.

Despite this extra thermal process, tempered glass still goes through the same production process, generating a final product with characteristics very similar to float glass, which guarantees its usability in more environments.

Another safety advantage of tempered glass is in the event that the glass breaks. Unlike float, that shatters into several pieces, the impact of tempered glass is absorbed by its inner seal..

This causes, even broken, the pieces do not spread in the environment, making it easier and safer to clean the material.

Its heat resistance also allows it to be used in bathrooms and other areas that demand more temperature., as balcony closure with glass.

Even in the case of room doors or partitions, it is possible to take advantage of these features with quality when using tempered glass to achieve a better result in its structure.

3 – Laminated glass

This model is formed by two layers of glass, which are connected through a thin film of resin or PVB. These models are among the safest on the market.

When there is a break in this type of glass, the shards stick to the film and remain unified, preventing them from spreading or having any kind of problem in the material.

In addition, on behalf of that movie, laminated glass is very interesting as a volume controller. Those who like privacy and want an environment with a certain soundproofing, can use this template.

It is often used outdoors, mainly for security reasons. It is the ideal model for balconies and for balconies.

4 – printed glass

Printed glass is a way to style any environment. It is a technique that can be performed with any of the other models., and ends up making it unique and very elegant for environments that need to be highlighted.

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The process is relatively simple. After the part is manufactured, regardless of the chosen process, it passes through metal rollers at a temperature of approximately 900°C. These rolls have shapes and patterns that allow you to create designs.

This can give a unique finish to the piece., customizing the material and creating a much more stylish environment. You can use effects like matte, enamel, textured, among others.

Because of the type of design you can print on the glass, it ends up making it difficult for anyone on the other side to see, making this an ideal model for people who want a partition that ensures more privacy.

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5 – wire glass

This model incorporates a metallic mesh, often wire in your mass. During the manufacturing process, the wire is placed inside the glass and gradually cooled, generating a differentiated effect on the material structure.

This is also a highly secure model., being ideal for use in your home. Due to the final format, it looks great outdoors, especially those with plants of some kind.

6 – enameled glass

This model, ideal for project as built, it's very practical and easy to clean, besides being a very durable option. It is produced by applying a layer of ceramic paint over the glass and baking.

In this way, the paint ends up fusing with the glass, getting firm on the surface. There is no concern about the cleanliness of the environment., because it won't peel the paint.

There are several colors you can choose for this type of glass., so identifying the one that best suits your decor is essential to create a more stylish and sophisticated environment.

7 – Armored glass

This is perhaps the safest model to use on any glass structure.. It is so tough that it withstands even the impact of firearm ammunition.. in its composition, in addition to ordinary glass, there are several layers of protection.

If you want to create a safer environment for your home, this is the ideal model, mainly for large windows and glass doors, that allow easy access to the interior of the property.

In this way, you are more protected, without missing the opportunity to create a bold and modern environment. However, it is necessary to be careful with the values, since the armored glass they are a more expensive material.

8 – mirrored glass

This style of glass is often used outdoors., mainly in commercial buildings. It conveys a sense of modernity and style that make the building stand out from afar., and they still work as a good protection for those who are indoors.

Metallized layers applied to the glass, can generate this mirror effect, helping to prevent the sun's action directly on the internal areas of the building, preventing excess heat in these environments.

The structure of reflective glasses also looks great indoors, especially when they are well placed.

9 – Etched glass

Frosted glass undergoes a special process, where designs and patterns are placed in the final product through "damage" caused by small grains of sand. This model is ideal for those who like to be creative in designs and patterns.

That's because blasted glass is highly moldable, allowing you to choose the type of pattern you want to use. In this way, you get a beautiful environment that still has more privacy.

Because of that, frosted glass is widely used in bedroom and bathroom doors and windows, ensuring that the person using the environment will have their moment preserved.

Final Considerations

The use of glass in decorative environments is a reality, and more and more people are looking for the ideal model to apply in their environments. Therefore, getting to know the glasses is an excellent way to stand out in this type of activity..

When you know which model to choose for each room in your house, you can use the glasses without any problem, getting much more beautiful and satisfying spaces for your home. These actions end up being ideal for complex decoration projects.

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