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Kitchen: see which flooring is best for the environment. Photo: Kitchen sink photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.
Kitchen: see which flooring is best for the environment. Photo: Kitchen sink photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.

Kitchen: see which flooring is best for the environment

A kitchen It is one of the most important environments in a home., because in addition to being a space full of love and affection, it is still the place where the best meals at home are prepared by someone special and with a unique spice..

Therefore, It is normal for many people to worry about the quality of the furniture and all the materials that will enter this room., because it is a space where the food of the house will be exposed, it takes a lot of organization and hygiene.

In addition to having a good construction management company, It is also important to pay attention to the type of flooring that will be placed in your kitchen., because not always the most beautiful or the cheapest is what will deliver security, durability and ease for you.

We know that this can be a big challenge for those who are in the madness that is the routine of a renovation and even for those who don't understand the hustle and bustle of the subject., there are so many types of floors that many feel lost when choosing.

But rest assured that this article was produced to help you understand a little more about each floor recommended for your kitchen and, in addition, some tips for you to make a good choice and not regret it.

8 types of floors for your kitchen

Among thousands of options available on the market, We have selected some tips to help you choose the best flooring for your kitchen., taking into account from those who want to pay little to those who want to use a electric floor washer time to clean. Check:

1. Porcelain

Porcelain tile is one of the most used types of flooring to cover not only the kitchen, but several other rooms in the house. That's because it delivers a lot of practicality and versatility., able to adapt to different environments.

It is a product of high resistance and very low absorption of products., liquids or food that could fall on the floor and that, inside the kitchen, it's common to happen. Currently there is a wide variety of beautiful prints and textures of porcelain tile..

These floors are options that last a long time and are also easy to clean., using only water, neutral detergent and a damp cloth you can make it look brand new.

2. Ceramics

Floors made of ceramic are less resistant than porcelain tiles and constantly need maintenance.. However, This coating also has some positive points that deserve to be highlighted..

The first one is the price., since ceramic has a more affordable price than other types of flooring, and it is also an option that has a huge variety of colors, textures and models that are sure to make you fall in love.

Ceramic floors are made of clay and most of them do not reproduce, with the same perfection, stones, woods or other elements. However, the material continues to be a great option for those who want to save money on the work.

If your house already has some old flooring or traces of some other material, worth looking for a service floor and floor scraping so that your new tile floor is installed correctly and doesn't bring you any problems down the road..

3. laminates

Laminate stands out for its speed during the installation process. The woody sheets can even be placed on other floors, which makes it a great option for those who don't want to undergo a major home renovation..

In addition, this floor is also very easy to clean, with just a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth you can make it shiny. At the same time, It also offers incredible thermal comfort for the coldest of places..

Finding Laminate Flooring Isn't Hard, you can find several models on the internet quickly and simply, just like finding an epoxy painting company in a few seconds and with just a few clicks.

However, laminate flooring should never be washed under running water., as this can fade it the moment it is exposed directly to the sun. Because of that, It is not recommended for spaces with high exposure to the sun., like balconies.

4. Marble and granite

Marble and granite floors are practical, easy to clean and still hides dirt, almost everything that an owner or housewife wants. These materials are extracted from natural rocks, and this ends up limiting the texture options, colors and prints.

Granite is more resistant to infiltration than marble., however both are modern and functional options for the kitchen space.

Just because it has a natural texture, you may need to look for a self-leveling service just like whoever owns the epoxy floor also hire a self-leveling epoxy for flooring to make sure it looks beautiful and lasts a long time..

5. vinyls

Made of PVC, vinyl flooring needs to be installed on a completely smooth and level surface so that the result is a well-placed floor, bonito, that lasts a long time and doesn't bring you worries.

Talking a little about the aesthetics of this option, maintenance and cleaning of this floor is similar to the process done in laminate. In addition to being cheaper, It also offers great thermal and acoustic comfort for the kitchen.

It is worth noting that vinyl floors are great for apartments with pets., as they are less slippery than porcelain tiles and ceramics and even more resistant to scratches.

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on the web, you can find different models, colors, textures and prints of this option, as it is easily found even tent floor, Can you find your ideal vinyl flooring model?.

6. Burnt cement

These floors are, mostly, made with water, sand and cement, so they have a cheaper cost compared to other materials. They collaborate for those who want to create a rustic and modern environment in the kitchen..

On the other hand, It is necessary to be careful and careful with cleaning this type of floor. This is because the burnt cement can have cracks and can easily grease., and we know that fat is something that is not lacking in a kitchen.

The biggest aesthetic feature of this option, it sure is its unique texture, that builds a modern that, combined with others decorative items, manages to leave your kitchen beautiful and with a floor that will last a long time.

7. Epoxy

Epoxy flooring is one of the easiest to clean, in addition to being a very hygienic and resistant option. When well maintained and cared for, it has great durability, even lasting 10 years or more in the kitchen.

The disadvantages of this type of coating are the high price and the lack of companies available to apply it correctly., especially in small environments, how is the kitchen.

But this is not an impossible mission, as well as one finds epoxy paint company, you can also find qualified professionals who do this service for you, just research carefully and even talk to those who understand more about the subject.

8. Wooden floors and parquet

made with wood, a material we already know very well, This floor is also one of the most expensive materials on the market.. This because, beyond the luxurious aesthetic, this option provides a lot of comfort for the environments.

However, maintenance of this type of floor is also more laborious and costly., that is, you will hardly be able to clean it with a simple neutral detergent or a vacuum cleaner.

Not to mention that it is also an easier floor to break., but if you count on a good company that performs wood floor repair SP, this might not be a big problem.

Tips for choosing the perfect floor

Now that you know some of the best flooring options for your kitchen, The time has come to pay attention to some tips that we have separated to help you make the right choice, that won't make you regret or bring you problems. Check:

  • Try to get away from white and light colors;
  • Beware of slippery floors;
  • Opt for darker floors, if you like;
  • Choose floors with high durability;
  • Choose easy-to-clean options;
  • Have a well-defined decoration style;
  • Consider your kitchen space needs.

Choosing a good flooring is as important as choosing a good service. epoxy paint court for those who are looking, because it is known that this is something that will stay in your kitchen for a long time.

Therefore, research a lot about the options presented, talk to professionals and write down your wants and needs when buying your kitchen floor. In this way, you will get something compatible with what you want and of high quality.

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