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Tips for putting glass cabinets in decor

Qu want to know how to use glasses in your decor? No doubt, This decorative element can leave a special atmosphere, which is why these pieces have gained more and more popularity..

beyond sophistication, the china cabinets can deliver a more vintage atmosphere depending on the model. And that's what we'll see later.

So that now, the principle, It is important to know that china cabinets are in fact often used to give more elegance to an environment, and are great for making the place look wider., thanks to their shine that distinguishes them from other materials for decorative objects.

In addition, care must be taken when choosing the decorative elements that you will place when inserting a china cabinet. if well planned, even synthetic fiber outdoor furniture may end up fitting together and forming a unique combination.

Crystals are synonymous with elegance, ideal for those who want a refined environment without necessarily having to make major changes to the environment, like renovations and paintings. That's why they are the darlings of the moment for those who are into decoration..

Although in many cases it is easy to confuse them., it is important to understand how to identify them to make the right choice. In other words, verify that it is indeed a quality product.

a tip for that, is to search for china cabinet finishes on decoration websites, or even a company construction reform civil engineering, for example.

After all, There are different types of crystals, and to help you choose yours and also for you to get it right when inserting yours in the living room or any other environment, We prepared this article with the main tips for you not to make a mistake in your choice. Check!

The history of glassware in decoration

Let's start with the story for you to be even more enchanted by this piece of furniture.. The china cabinet is a decorative element that was brought to our country by Portuguese settlers., and it is a piece of furniture that has an air of luxury, sophistication and tradition alone.

However, if in the past this piece of furniture was only used to store ceramics and crystals, Today, china cabinets are used in many other creative ways to display items worth paying attention to in decor..

Soon, a china cabinet is nothing more than a piece of furniture with glass doors. This furniture is made in such a way that it is possible to visualize and expose the crystals, cups and goblets games (or any other type of decoration of the moment) stored not inside.

Another curiosity in the history of china cabinets is that it begins with a lot of luxury and sophistication., and that's because these pieces were made for Queen Mary of England, which is known for its passion for ceramics.

His dream was to have a place to display his blue and white porcelain. (the colors of your country of origin, to Holland).

For this, the Queen asked a craftsman to make furniture so that the objects could be displayed in glass. Thus was born the crystal, that in fact, became popular in Europe and then came to Brazil with the Portuguese settlers.

Tips for using glasses

Let's see now the main tips for you to use the china cabinets in your decoration. ongoing multidisciplinary art education program at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, some information on how these cabinets can be inserted into other types of environments other than traditional living rooms. Check:

set a style

Having a defined style is very important if you want a sophisticated decoration that makes a difference in the environment.. A definition of style is essential for furniture to be decorative and represent your personality..

In this sense, if your decor is classic, she is known for her traditional elegance, soon, the most traditional china cabinets match perfectly.

So that now, if your style is more modern, the use of standardized colors like black and white and pastels also make reference to this style, and there are now china cabinets with modern colors to insert into your decor.

Traditional porcelain glasses, for example, can be found in dark woods, including mahogany, tobacco and cedar.

So that now, for example, the use of porcelain china cabinets in classic decoration appears in traditional places in restaurants and in the internal and external environment of the house.

Given this, it is essential that you know how to apply the right pieces in a decoration style to really get the most out of each element related to this type of action..

The more you fit the pieces into your reality, the better the view of the room, that will remain tied to your personal taste, but without losing the quality of the design style you chose for the environment.

Therefore, define your style before buying your china cabinet, as for example:

  • Rustic;
  • Modern;
  • Romantic;
  • Vintage.

Regardless of the style chosen, the glassware pieces can make a difference in this type of structure and allow you to choose different materials to work with and guarantee a much better use of the decorative pieces in your environment..

Use the crystals correctly

even as decoration, a china cabinet is a highly functional piece of furniture. They can indeed be used in many ways., whether to exhibit ceramics or even books in your blind washing company.

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Know how to value the mobile

It is very important that you know how to value the china cabinet in your decoration., and pay attention to the harmony of the environment. After all, giving a nice look can enhance any decor.

In this sense, it's better to align the other elements around, be, books, cups or even roll vinyl rug, so that they are harmonious with the china cabinet.

Soon, in fact not “anything goes” in decoration, if you want an elegant and sophisticated environment. Therefore, decorator ingenuity is important, that conveys the decorative style of your work.

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All this makes you appreciate the history of this exquisite and sophisticated piece of furniture..

Do not use the china cabinet in any environment

Be careful when choosing the environment to place the hutch, they should preferably be in exposed and visible environments.

This is a luxury that should not be “erased”, but it should be highlighted. Definitely no place for a china cabinet. This furniture is a furniture that fits in any environment.

But don't forget, a china cabinet can even be used in your company's office. management of corporate works, making the environment more elegant and sophisticated.

In other words, leave the hutch as an ornament in a harmonious and functional way to enchant your environment. The important thing is to identify the type of environment before defining which types of furniture and china cabinets will be purchased..

Keep the crystal well

It is important to be very careful with the china cabinets., clean often, or even contact a wooden furniture manufacturer to assist in minor repairs with glass and joinery if necessary.

All this helps to guarantee the conservation of the piece.. Always remember that the crystal parts can be cleaned with water or neutral detergent and, if you prefer, you can deep clean the inside every 15 days. Always keep furniture clean and bright.

Choose the ideal model

Now, if you have not inherited a beautiful china cabinet from your family and you really want to add one to your home decor, you should choose one that is perfect for your role and location.

Cabinets can be found in different shapes and sizes., the first thing to pay attention to is the size. Therefore, decide where you are going to put your furniture and check all the sizes that will fit there.

In a building that has an outdoor area with a landscaping for company well-crafted, could be an ideal place to put a china cabinet.

Once you know the size you need, it's time to decide what to do with your china cabinet.

For example, if used as a stand and decoration for a dining room, you can opt for a model with glass doors and drawers, so whatever you want to display but use regularly in the dining room, you can leave it in a drawer or a wooden cabinet.

In addition to showing your collection, you can also use it for books. With multiple interior shelves, These cabinets are perfect for organizing and protecting books from dust in your office or living room..

Glass doors allow items to be exposed and easy to find. So, if you have an office management of residential works they are great for that purpose.

We hope that this text has helped you understand not only what a china cabinet is for, but how to put it in the best possible way in the environment. Use the tips as a guideline and it will be possible to obtain the expected result.

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