Amazon in Focus: Bruno Cecim's work, by Juliana Vannucchi

Juliana Vannucchi is graduated in Social Communication, degree in Philosophy and editor-in-chief of the site Philosophical Collection.
Juliana Vannucchi is graduated in Social Communication, has degree in Philosophy and editor-in-chief of the site Acervo Filosófico.

The photographer from Pará Bruno Cecim brings in his baggage more than twenty years of profession and experience.

In this vast repertoire, accumulate prizes, holding of workshops, courses taught and photographic records of some of the most famous figures in the country, like Pelé, Gisele Bündchen, Lula and other big names.

Currently, Cecim is a national reference in photographic coverage of Pará, with a bias in ecological issues and in the culture of indigenous peoples, such as indigenists, riverines and quilombolas.

Through your photography, captures the unique exuberances of Amazonian fauna and flora and shares with the public the enchanting details of the world's largest rainforest. but beyond that, Bruno also seeks to portray reality in its rawness and expose environmental problems, political and social.


In this context, the camera has been used by him as a true artifice of revolution and awareness and, with it, encourage people to debate, questions and reflections.

Bruno believes that photography is a powerful and fundamental art in the life of any individual. Regarding your artistic goals, commented: “Through photography, I perceive the world and what is around me. through her, I seek to reveal what is hidden, invisible. I intend to show you things I see, I feel and perceive. Currently, living in the amazon, I try to focus especially on this reality. As an artist, I can't shut up in the face of such worrying facts that happen here, as preservation, rights of peoples and other issues”.

Recently, to photographic art by Bruno Cecim gained notoriety in Europe. The man from Pará had works exhibited in Italy and Spain, in addition to having been invited to exhibit in a gallery in London: "I am very happy. it's something unique, because they are the first international samples in which I participate. The wake-up call for the preservation of the Amazon is echoing outside the country. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.. It's gratifying. Europe is the cradle of art, of photography and cinema, so I am flattered by this opportunity.”.

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