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Documentary on social inclusion of people with disabilities receives support from Panvel

A play everyone has a dream reverberated in the Gaucho scenario by addressing the inclusion of people with physical disabilities, sensory and intellectual in society. created by Cultural Belonging, the work was awarded in 2019 with the prize Panvel Highlight On Scene, during the cultural program of the Porto Alegre On Stage International Festival. The honor of Panvel Farmácias evolved into a partnership with the entity, contributing to the production of a special documentary about the show and the work developed by the group.

To thank Panvel for its support, the president of Belongs, Victor Freiberg, delivered a t-shirt and a picture of the project to the president of Grupo Dimed, Julio Mottin Neto. "More than making this work possible, the partnership with Panvel encourages other companies and members of society to engage with the theme of inclusion. This is an important collaborative movement, that creates opportunities for this audience to show their potential as artists, professionals and citizens", ressalta Victor Freiberg.

Panvel's support for the project is in line with its commitment to promoting diversity and social inclusion. Since 2014, the company develops the program Together, aimed at generating opportunities for people with disabilities and rehabilitated. In addition, has been structuring a Diversity and Affinity Groups Committee (racial or ethnic, LGBTQIA+, PCD, gender and generational equity) to define inclusion policies and initiatives. "We really believe in diversity to build a better world. Pertence's work reinforces our commitment to culture as an effective approach tool to approach the topic", comments Julio Mottin, congratulating the Belongs.

Headquartered in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Pertence stands out as an institution aimed at the public with physical disabilities, sensory and intellectual. Currently, develops its activities through pillars such as: Sport, gastronomy, work, health, culture among others, serving about more than 500 people. With more than 10 years of history, promotes a series of activities to promote well-being and social inclusion. Through culture, this front works the potential of expression of students, encouraging their social autonomy and the empowerment of people with disabilities.

From theater to documentary

From the activities developed by the Fábrica de Sonhos Group, founded by Pertence in partnership with the artists Paula Carvalho and Bianca Bueno, appeared in 2018, the play Everyone has a dream. The work presents different elements already covered in the activities, like music and the circus, in order to highlight the person with disability as the protagonist of their own history, occupying its place in society and developing its diverse virtues. In 2019, the play was part of the official program of the Porto Alegre On Stage festival, taking over a hundred people to a historic presentation on the stage of Theatro São Pedro.

The experience at the festival turned into a plot for the creation of a documentary, which also shows the methodology employed by Grupo Fábrica de Sonhos. Released last August, the short film was produced through the Notice Formation and Diversity of Cultures and the support of companies such as Panvel Farmácias, contributing even more to the dissemination of the entity's work and social message.. The direction and script were under the responsibility of the theater director and coordinator of Pertence Cultural, the actress Paula Carvalho. The choreography of the piece was by Bianca Bueno. The documentary can be viewed for free on the internet, just access the link www.youtube.com/watch?v = yFXdplNhXX8.

About Panvel

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