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In an unprecedented action, works by René Machado will become NFTs at a festival

Unprecedented project will take exclusive NFTs to the legendary Tim Music Noites Cariocas festival, uniting for the first time art, music and technology, opening new frontiers for the creative economy

“Art in the Nights”, initiative developed by Digitiva, company specializing in digital assets, will feature eight exclusive works by artist René Machado, transformed into a limited collection of just 50 NFTs each.

From the union of two leading brands in their fields, an absolutely innovative format emerged in the universe of arts and entertainment: “Art in the Nights”. A Digitiva, Brazilian company specialized in the entire ecosystem that involves cryptoassets, joined Tim Music Cariocas Nights, event that since the years 80 stir cultural dinner, with anthological shows at Morro da Urca, to further elevate the audience experience, expanding from physical to virtual. It is that for the first time a festival will present digital works of art, the increasingly popular NFTs, with creations made in a special way, revolutionizing the national Creative Economy. These project virtual art items, that are limited and certified, as well as multiples, will be signed by René Machado, an important artist in the contemporary art market, with works present in the biggest and best shows and galleries in Brazil and in the world. It is the unprecedented union between music, visual arts and cutting-edge technology.

On each of the eight nights of the event, a work selected by René for “Arte nas Noites” will be exhibited in a space of the event. of this work, that will represent the theme of that night, only 50 NFTs will be made available for purchases, both by the public present and by investors and crypto collectors who are online accessing the www.artenasnoites.com.br. Each non-fungible token (NFT) it will cost R$1 thousand (1K) and the buyer will receive, in addition to its official record on the blockchain, a physical certificate attesting to the authenticity of the purchase on your behalf.

“As a carioca, I feel honored to produce works for such an iconic event in the city, that brings together great artists in a postcard known around the world”, says the plastic artist. especially in the day 26 March, which will have the singer IZA as the main attraction, will be exposed a canvas in honor of the actor Paulo Gustavo, longtime friend of the singer and René.

“When the idea of ​​NFTs created especially for the festival came to me, I immediately fell in love with the concept. It's another milestone for the event, that you always had in your DNA, the breaking of borders since its creation by the genius Nelson Motta”, vibrates Luiz Calainho, responsible for the new TIM Music Noites Cariocas, alongside Alexandre Accioly.

“Designed and driven by Digitiva, the partnership with the festival creates new possibilities and disruptive paths involving music, contemporary art and cutting-edge technology. In addition, to have by our side Renê Machado, important middle artist, as the creator of the works/NFT's, is a source of immense pride”, complete.

“Today, music has joined the visual arts as the main responsible for the popularization of NFTs, limited collectibles, that, like a physical work of art, are traded in the digital environment as items of high added value”, observes Ricardo Azevedo, partner at Digitiva and subject matter expert.

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