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Photographic output. Photo: Emerson Lima.

Emerson Lima encourages art through the streets of São Paulo with the fashion world celebrities

40 Photographers from all over the country and celebrities of the fashion world invited by Emerson Lima gathered for a photo soaking the Paulista capital's streets

The photographic output promoted by portraitist Emerson Lima is a tradition in its history, and eagerly awaited by photographers who closely follow their work.

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Accompanied by his staff and top models Julia Pereira, Malanie Ribbe, Sayonara Romao and Actress Julinha Gomes, Emerson promotes a large production of Street Style (Photos of Street Fashion), for participants who are starting their career have a unique portfolio in historical settings of the city.

The venue for the Photo Output, the Historic Center of São Paulo, It has been parades stage of the São Paulo Fashion Week in 2018, plus countless movies scenario, and offers photographers the opportunity to capture images from new perspectives.

In addition to leaving with a beautiful portfolio, participants were able to receive advice of entrepreneurs Pedro Barista and Ricardo Piza, that accompanied the photographers and passed their knowledge on business strategies and market, and all this in the open.

Emerson Lima is recognized worldwide for his work as a portrait of national and international celebrities, and photographer of urban landscapes in Paris, New York, Amsterdam and several other global cities. this event, Emerson shared a bit of their knowledge and experience with the invited photographers, ranging from amateurs and beginners to professionals: “the aim of this action is to share knowledge and promote urban art, interaction and support to photographers, especially for those who are starting their career. The production does not seek profit, 100% free to all participants ", comments.

After the event, Emerson Lima gathered everyone for a chat at the Burger Joint, trendy hamburger in the Jardins district, to ask questions, talk about business model, talk about career, of course, a laugh.

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