54 metal parts are stolen from the mansion "Casa 6" in Pelotas (RS)

Stolen pieces adorn the stairway and front porch guardrails.

The Heritage Institute for National Artistic (IPHAN) received through the process 01512.000627/2021-96, theft news of integrated goods of a building that integrates the listed set of Pelotas (RS). In total, were stolen 54 metal pieces that make up the guardrail of the staircase and front porch of the mansion known as “Casa 6”, belonging to the listed set of the city of Pelotas (RS).


the theft (or the sequence of thefts) probably occurred between 12 February (IPHAN's last inspection of the site) and 22 October 2021 (when the disappearance of the pieces was noticed by the Secretary of Culture of Pelotas). The pieces are an integral part of “Casa 6” and, therefore, are protected by federal legislation on Cultural Heritage and their theft, theft and commercialization punished according to the Penal Code.

The property named “Leopoldo Antunes Maciel Residence” or, simply, “House 6”, forms the architectural ensemble with the buildings 2 and 8, located at Praça Coronel Pedro Osório, in Pelotas (RS), architectural ensemble inscribed in the Book of Archaeological Tombo, Ethnographic and Landscape and in the Book of Tombo of the Fine Arts, in 15/12/1977. The “House 6” is inserted in the protection sector of Praça Coronel Pedro Osório, as part of the Historic Complex of Pelotas, tumbled in 2018, because of its high historical and artistic value.

Parts characteristics

These are sculptures cast in a metal alloy of tin and zinc representing human faces and animal figures. (front) and composed of two equal and independent parts, joined by their back sides (to) in the vertical bars of circular section that make up the guardrail.

The pieces measure approx. 20 to 25 inches tall by 10 centimeters wide and have no paint, being, therefore, predominantly copper gray or lead gray (color of the metallic alloy with which the parts are made). Due to its composition, don't attract magnets.

The objects were possibly imported from Italy in the late 19th century and their images represent human faces. (32 parts) and animal figures (21, in total), like lions. Human faces are similar to putti, that is, representations of naked boys, chubby and sometimes winged, Widely used in Renaissance art. One unit represents a fleur-de-lis. A vertical bar with turned rings was also stolen.

Any information must be communicated to Iphan, by emails cnart@iphan.gov.br, fiscalizacao@iphan.gov.br or depam@iphan.gov.br, and even on the phones (61) 2024-6355 or (61) 2024-6352.

Safe purchase of art objects, antiques and documents

Merchants and auctioneers of works of art and antiques, dealers and the general public should be aware of the origin of the pieces they intend to acquire. without proper care, stolen or stolen parts are inadvertently acquired.

To contribute to the fight against this illegal market, there are simple preventive actions, such as checking the origin and, in case of doubts or any suspicion, consult the IPHAN, the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM) and their databases available on their websites – the Database of Sought Goods/BCP and the Registry of Disappeared Musealized Assets/CBMD.

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Such care can avoid the involvement of the buyer or dealer in the Brazilian Cultural Heritage fencing of stolen crime, stolen or obtained by international trafficking in works of art - conduct described in Articles 155 of the Penal Code and 180 of Decree-Law No. 2.848, from 7 th December 1940 (dealing with the reception of stolen goods), and Art. 62, by Law NO 9.605, from 12 February 1998 (is about destruction and / or deterioration of cultural goods).


All art dealers and antiques, including auctioneers, must register with the National Register of Antiquities and Works of Art Dealers (CNART). The Registration protects the dealer inadvertently be involved in receiving stolen crimes and stolen and money laundering by means of works of art.

More info

National Registry of Antiquities and Works of Art Dealers


Other Contacts:

Secretaria Municipal de Cultura – phone (53) 3225 8355 - email: secultpel@gmail.com
Register of Dealers of Works of Arts and Antiquities/IPHAN – telephone (61) 2024 6352 - email: cnart@iphan.gov.br
Department of Material Heritage and Inspection - telephone (61) 2024 6342 - email: depam@iphan.gov.br

Source: IPHAN Communications Advisory.


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