Over 80 Archaeological pieces are stolen from the Andean Museum, no Chile

were stolen, on 05 of June, various components of the collection of the Andean Museum/Fundación Claro Vial, located in the commune of Buin, no Chile. Are about 80 parts, which include body adornments and ritual elements from various pre-Columbian cultural traditions, as Tiwanaku, Chimu, Moche, Chiriqui, Quimabya, Tolima, Sica-Lambaieque and others.


The alert has been reported by the United Nations Educational Organization, Science and Culture (Unesco) on your website. Images of the stolen parts are available here.

This is a group of items that includes bracelets, necklaces, pectorals, ear and nose pendants, funeral masks and ceremonial bowls. Most of the pieces are made of spun and laminated gold., representing anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, from present-day Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

Any information must be communicated to Iphan, by emails: cnart@iphan.gov.br, fiscalizacao@iphan.gov.br or depam@iphan.gov.br, or by phone (61) 2024-6355 or 6352.

Safe purchase of art objects and antiques

Dealers and the general public should be aware of the provenance of the pieces they intend to purchase. Without proper care, there is a risk of inadvertently acquiring stolen or stolen parts.. To contribute in combating this illegal market there are simple preventive actions, such as checking the origin and, in case of doubts or any suspicion, consulting the Iphan, the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM) and their databases available on their websites - the Bank Goods Wanted / BCP and the Musealized Estate Registration Missing / CBMD. Such care can avoid the involvement of the buyer or dealer in the Brazilian Cultural Heritage fencing of stolen crime, stolen or obtained by international trafficking in works of art - conduct described in Articles 155 of the Penal Code and 180 of Decree-Law no. 2.848, from 7 th December 1940 (dealing with the reception of stolen goods), and Art. 62, da Lei nº 9.605, from 12 February 1998 (which deals with destruction and/or deterioration of cultural property).


All art dealers and antiques, including auctioneers, must register with the National Register of Antiquities and Works of Art Dealers (CNART). The Registration protects the dealer inadvertently be involved in receiving stolen crimes and stolen and money laundering by means of works of art.

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National Register of Antiques Dealers and Works of Art

e-mail: cnart@iphan.gov.br

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