Adolpho Job – “contemporary and organic”

Tony Franco é Administrador de Empresas.
Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Adolpho Job, born in Riachão do Jacuípe/BA and resident in Feira de Santana, I graduated in social communication with a specialization in advertising and advertising that led me to the path of art from my involvement with graphic design.

I love cooking, photograph, go to the beach and observe nature, it's my hobbies that help to clear my thoughts and remember that I'm living in the present, letting the anguish speak lower inside the head.

When he woke up his desire to be an artist?

Adolpho Job é Artista Plástico.
Adolpho Job is a Plastic Artist.

My desire to be an artist was a spontaneous process, but that I only realized much later, I was a teenager connected to art, I explored the school a lot in the artistic works, but I didn't imagine creating a career on top of it. I started working with graphic design in 2017 creating advertising arts, but I still didn't see myself in the position of artist and creator, until the beginning of the year 2021.

What kind of art do you like best?

To do I am passionate about drawings and paintings. To contemplate I like the music, sculpture and dance.

How he developed his style (techniques)?

My style is part of my process of interacting with everyday life, life and nature. My fascination with the beautiful landscapes we inhabit, as well as shapes and colors are strong elements that fit my technique.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist?

Igor Rodrigues is a friend that life has presented, he works with beautiful arts representing the presence of black people in the arts. It is well worth researching more about his works..

Living from art is possible?

After 5 years working with art I can say that it is possible, but like every profession requires discipline, knowledge of their artistic process and autonomy, because we often work independently, without the support of large cooperatives or companies.

Ever thought about not acting with more art? can comment why?

I'm starting now, I see that I still have a long way to go.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

The skill I see most needed is the professionalization of your work, even if you act autonomously. We work to provide customer service, that can be big companies, therefore have certain formalizations, as CNPJ, agenda, contracts etc., is important to bring good opportunities in the artistic market.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

My moment of creation and appreciation is based on feelings, expressions, sensations and desires.

Your inspirations to create a work of art?

My biggest inspiration for the works is nature, from the plants in the garden to the complexity of the human being. I like to contemplate the roots of human behavior, based on anthropological analyzes of human communication. Of course, all this is mixed with the imagery that my inner child gives me as a gift in all creations..

Which art has impressed you the most so far?

The CAPSULE series, composed of 8 works I did as my crossing into the professional art world still impresses me. It was my first series of paintings made using digital technique that had my feelings as an object of study.. Citing two favorite works within this series, I choose “Fome de Água” and “Mutação”.

You must always be creating or creating only at certain times?

I create everyday, for working with art in graphic design, while my side projects on emotional expressions I record in certain moments when I need to let the flow move.




The product of your work is unique or has a close or distant relationship to your previous work?

Until then they are unique and independent.

What are the challenges of art / artist in the current scenario?

Being artist not brazil is to face barriers often, the lack of support and encouragement puts a brake on our dreams that could be better used based on better political, educational and cultural conditions. But even being an independent artist today, I keep working with my work slowly, because I know that the little I do can be an impact on someone else's life.

Social networks have helped you to spread your work?

I've been publishing my work on social media and the support of other people is very nice, it is even an incentive to receive positive messages about a work I did without many pretensions. I believe that being online is one of the steps to be seen nowadays, but does not replace the network with other people outside the virtual. Integration can bring good results and lessens the burden of having to build based on algorithms.

How plastic arts can contribute to education and culture?

Art stirs the imagination, it is a moment of individual contemplation, each person has their repertoire and sufficient background to interpret a given work and this possibility makes art a great educational tool. Culture is a living process, that pulsates between each human being and it is up to us to manifest its expansion.

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What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

How to determine the value of a work of art is one of the big questions for new artists, I am still in a process of transition and better perception of my value. But I think a good way to price is to look at your production time X revenue X technical qualities, taking into account the variables of work. That way you can keep a fair price for you to maintain yourself and live with your art.

Talk about your projects today ...

Currently, I continue to explore myself with new techniques and materials, I keep studying and testing digital art. Thinking about developing a new series of works that portray the conditions and participation of man in Brazilian society, raising the question of what it is to be “macho”, an opening to the new masculinities.

What's your advice for those just starting out?

Don't let mistakes speak louder than successes, life is made of this continuous flow, let's dance with life instead of wanting to dominate the time of each stage. Enjoy the process, Live the present, rest, be organized and divide the steps in the way that is most comfortable for you.

If you want to leave a message ...

My final message is an invitation to readers who put off starting something, think about that something divided into small tasks. write down: what do you need to start?; what can be done after the start?; and what I leave for last?. That way our brain interprets the steps better, seeing small hills instead of a big mountain.

About your exhibitions, have any comments regarding, feelings…

I'm super open to invitations to exhibitions, I haven't done any yet, but it's on my list of goals for 2022, call that I'm in guys!

Could you comment on some artistic curiosity?

Creativity is not a gift, it's daily exercise!

How would you define your art in one line?

contemporary and organic.

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