Nizar Alhattab - “Dreaming about the Inner Stability of the Human Being”

Nizar Alhattab, of Aleppo in Syria, born in 1969, is a Visual Artist – Forensic Expert in Counterfeiting Detection – International Commercial Arbitrator in Alternative Agreements.


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Nizar, tell us a little about yourself ...

Since young, in elementary and secondary education, my obsession, thought and dream was to become a artist, that my works and thoughts conquer the world and that people love my artistic work.

What kind of art do you like best?

I love all styles and schools of art because in the beginning I tried to work in all these styles, like surrealism, Impressionism, realism, symbolism, expressionism and cubism, and of course I love the childlike surreal expressive style.

How did you develop your style (techniques)?

As I mentioned, I painted in all styles until I found the style that belongs to me, and how styles are created by the artist, I created this style that expresses mine and my own style.

Therefore, Everyone who sees a work of art from drawings knows that this painting is by Nizar Al-Hattab, Even though I didn't sign the painting.

Mention if you had artistic influences on your work and which artists?

influences: Yes, I was influenced in my early days by the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt from Picasso.

I was influenced by the cubist school of Picasso and I loved developing it.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist??

Yes, my father was a pharmacist and loved art and drawing. He was the one who instilled in me a love for art and beauty.

In addition, my younger brother, Imad, is an artist and photographer.

Living from art is possible?

Regarding your question about the possibility of making a living from art, activate, an artist can live from the sale of his works if there is promotion and art that the collector respects.

Many of my works have been sold and in every country in this world I have a flower of my paintings and works of art, and why not?

Regarding this global situation we are experiencing, of wars and diseases, greatly affected art and collectors, because everyone started to complain and fear that their money would be spent.

Have you ever thought about not acting with art anymore?? Can you comment why??

I never thought I would give up on art even if it didn't feed me.

The art is infused with my blood.

I'm happy when I empty my energy and dreams into it.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

Nowadays, At my point of view, there are no skills for anyone to be an artist and, Unfortunately, com propaganda, advertising and luck, Anyone with a little color can become an artist and a celebrity.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

My feeling is when I finish a work of art, I feel something precious and rare being born, and I feel happy.

What art impressed you the most so far??

The art that impressed me was my work of art.

Do you always have to be creating or only create at certain times?

Regarding the creation of a work, depends on the psychological state.

Sometimes I look at the screen for several days before starting.

Is your work product unique or closely or distantly related to your previous work?

Yes, as I mentioned before, my work is unique in its kind and that is what I want to achieve.

Previously, I drew realistic and classic works until I invented this style of expressing myself..

What are the challenges of art / artist in the current scenario?

Regarding the challenges the artist faces, especially nowadays, are very difficult because he depends on his art to live.

Social networks have helped you to promote your work?

Social media plays a big and effective role in showcasing works of art around the world, and there may be promotion for sale, and this is very possible.

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How the visual arts can contribute to education and culture?

All arts, including drawing, music and poetry, they can support culture because they are culture in themselves and are also linked to each other.

The authentic plastic art is music, poetry and mimetic dance.

How do you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

The characteristics of the artwork are clear through the color, line and idea, and from here you read the painting.

What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

Determine the value of the work of art through history, artist's style and idea.

Talk about your projects today…

As for my projects, are many.

I hope to hold an exhibition of my work in every country in the world.

I also hope that it will be admired by everyone and that it will be sold.

It should be noted that I have held more than a hundred solo exhibitions of my work and participated in many cultural forums in most countries around the world.

What is your advice for someone just starting out??

As for my advice to young aspiring artists, I advise them to think and choose innovative themes and not to imitate or be influenced by anyone.

If you want to leave a message ...

I would like to leave an important message for humanity: I hope to peace, love and stability prevail.

How would you define your art in one line?

My artistic work is to dream about the inner stability of the human being, mainly women, because I adore her because she is a daughter, sister, mother and lover.

Social Media:

Instagram: Nizar Alhattab

Business contacts: (directly with artist)


Mobile: +31685558147

More info:

  • Member of the Union of Syrian Plastic Artists.
  • Member of the Union of Arab Artists.
  • Technical specialist in fingerprints and counterfeit detection lines – works of art – signatures.
  • Specialist in antique and painting restoration.
  • Commercial Arbitration Diploma in Alternative Agreements. Love, Jordan, 2008. Doctor Honoris Causa of the Syrian Medical Association.
  • Graduated from the schools of the children of the martyrs Aleppo and Damascus.
  • He studied fine arts at the universities of Beirut and Damascus.
  • Teacher of art and aesthetics in the secondary schools of the children of the martyrs in Aleppo, 1991-2000.
  • He also received the Wor of Zervas Art Sa Paris Art Honorary Certificate – the World Federation of Zeervas Clubs.
  • He also received a master class with diploma.
  • He holds an artistic and scientific master's degree from the Academia de Bana Gotis Zervas, President of the UNESCO Art Club of Ashaya Antifoni.
  • UNESCO Fine Arts Award and UNESCO Nletters Award in Awards.
  • Has a Certificate of Excellence for the year 2019 in spreading peace, human tolerance and peaceful coexistence of the Organization Wings of Peace and Democracy – Ouattara – Canada.
  • He also received a mandate from the World Tuberculosis Academy.

Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.
Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.


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