Brazilian artist Claudio Cupertino is nominated for the International Prize New York City

Nomination comes through Italian art curators Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo

The visual artist Claudio Cupertino, creator of own technique of “engraving” using stones and sponges, which he christened Cupergrafia, launched virtually, in June 2020, documentary about his life and work. Energy Time Cupertino was produced entirely independently, captured on film, without any sponsorship or tax exemption, by the director Matheus Streets, with scenes recorded in Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, their homeland.


The short documentary, enrolled in festivals and exhibitions around the world, received his first honor, being selected for the International Award “New York City”, granted to a small number of artists, painters, Sculptors, who stood out in the current year and contributed with their work to make their art known in the world.

Italian art curators Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo, whom Cupertino has been in contact with since 2018, when he received the biennium award Leonardo da Vinc(i) in Florence, instituted the Award, which will feature a video exhibition of the selected works and publication in the prestigious art catalog “The Stars of Contemporary Art”. The award ceremony takes place on the night of 25 October and the short film will be screened 25 to 31 October. “A great opportunity to be a protagonist in one of the most important cities in the world, New York, na exclusiva Space Gallery Chelsea”, claim the curators.

“Claudio Cupertino's documentary is just the beginning. All the merit is his. The documentary is an honest portrait of its success ”, comments the director, co-founder of the StudioFly production company and documentary filmmaker History Channel, author of awarded documentary “Guerra do Paraguay”.

About the artist:

Claudio Cupertino was born in Pedra do Anta / MG, where he lived until the 18 years. Graduated in Visual Arts at FEEVALE University, in Novo Hamburgo, RS. Today he is based in São Paulo.

He started his career in the year 2001, with small impressions with stones and sponges, technique you use. He started the process of building his pictorial identity on paper and today he paints on canvas, with the same poetics. Color started to flood the works and its palette of tones is a determining part of its identity, be in with contrasting proposals marks or almost monochrome, where the texture speaks louder. Restless, Cupertino developed his own technique, Cupergraphy, from studies on the basic principles of lithography, after his first Artistic Residence in Athens, Greece, in the year 2012.

His second artistic residency was in the USA, us toilet seat for MoCA – Museum of contemporary art, em Cleveland, Ohio, and in Los Angeles, California.

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Among the various exhibitions in which he has participated, the three exhibitions in the International Salon of Contemporary Art of the Louvre Museum stand out, Venice Biennale, Biennial of Finland, ArtBasel Miami and the exhibition at UN Headquarters in New York.

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In 2016 received the Gold Award, granted by the United Nations, (UN) in New York.

Cupertino won the international award Leonardo da Vinci, in Florence, Italy, when he was awarded the title of Universal Artist, in January 2018;

In Paris, in 2017, won triple award: Medal of Honor and 1st Place Award for the solo exhibition Voo Diaáfano da Cupergrafia, at the International Salon of Contemporary Art at the Louvre Museum, curated by Cézar Prestes, and the Paris Contemporary Art World Award.

He also received the title of Dr. Honoris Causa in Fine Arts by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, in 2018.


"Energy Time Cupertino"
Genus: Documentary

Duration: 8’48”
General direction: Matheus Ruas
Executive production: Tiago Schenk
Assistant director: Natan Neves
Interviewer 1: Aurélio Figueiredo
Interviewer 2: Felipe Filé
SP Production: Juliana Oliveira
MG Production: Samuel Oliveira
RS production: Marcia Bellock
Edition: Saulo Simão
Colorization: Diego Vidal
Audio mixing: Junior Aragaky
Finishing Victor Herrera
Thanks: Fernanda Ruas


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