Emma Tumanyan – “The Light in the Darkness”

Emma, tell us a little about yourself…

I am Emma Tumanyan, I was born in 1993 in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts. I started painting very early. I am an artist by profession.


When your desire to be an artist awakened?

Since early, I like to try different colors. My parents noticed this and took me to a drawing group and then to an art school.

What kind of art do you like best?

I love fine art, but sometimes I also make sculptures.

How did you develop your style (techniques)?

Drawing a lot.

Mention if you had artistic influences on your work and which artists?

I can not say, I don't know. Time will show.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist??

There are many artistic people in our tribe. Actors, writers. My father was not an artist, but he liked to draw.

Living from art is possible?

This is exactly what I do. The art it's the meaning of my life.

Have you ever thought about not acting with art anymore?? Can you comment why??

I have not been in such a situation. The more difficulties around me, the more I engage in art.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

Today, there are many painting styles, there are no restrictions, then the artist is free to follow the flight of his soul.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

I isolate myself from the whole world and feel calm and harmonious.

Your inspirations to create a work of art?

I am inspired by people with their relationships and emotions.

What art impressed you the most so far??

The works of the famous Armenian artist Minas Avetisyan.

Do you always have to be creating or only create at certain times?

I create a lot, there are no time limits for me.

Is your work product unique or closely or distantly related to your previous work?

Each artist has its own style, your own handwriting. My works are not a continuation of each other, but they can be on the same theme.

Social networks have helped you to promote your work?

It is true that I have had exhibitions in my country, but the international public received my works through social networks.

How the visual arts can contribute to education and culture?

Centuries-old art reflects history, the customs, anyway, the life of that region, what contributes to the development of education and culture.

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How do you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

I love it when there is thought, meaning in art.

Talk about your projects today…

I don't like to talk about my plans ahead of time.

What is your advice for someone just starting out??

Do not be discouraged by small failures and difficulties. If you like to draw, draw boldly.

About your exhibitions, do you have any comments about them, feelings…

I had solo exhibitions at the home of the Union of Artists of Armenia, where several famous artists and representatives of the local media were present.

The impression was unique.

I also participated in many international online exhibitions.

How would you define your art in one line?

The light in the darkness.

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Facebook Fan Page: Emma Tumanyan Art

Instagram: @tumemma

Website: etumanyan.artspan.com

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Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.
Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.


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