Dialogues Exhibition

The exhibition “Dialogues” is a journey that brings together 14 women with different perspectives, cultures, regions and styles, all being part of the Contemporâneos Collective, supplementing 6 years this year.


This process, that started ago 4 months, presents not only individual works that address different discourses about contemporary women,, but also works co-created by the group.

This co-creation approach was proposed by Lu Valença, Curator of the exhibition, as a way of building and experimenting with collective practices, involving coexistence, even if virtual, of artists.

The choice of themes was discussed by the group and developed based on identification with them..

In addition to the debut on ARTE4 Galeria in Búzios, on 4 de Mayo, “Dialogues” will be itinerant, adapting to the spaces it will occupy.

Viewers will be invited to explore their own memories and emotions through contemplation and reflection on the complexity of the human experience, inspired by the freedom and authenticity of figures like Leila Diniz and Rita Lee.

The yellow latex glove, chosen as one of the symbolic objects, represents both hard work and feminine vanity, symbolizing women's daily struggle to survive, fulfill themselves and find meaning in their lives, while struggling to maintain self-esteem.

The underlying message is one of resistance to everyday adversity and cultivating an internal space of empathy and sensitivity.

The exhibition challenges stereotypes, like the sexist phrase “Woman's place is in the kitchen”, through feminine art printed on tiles, that narrate different views of life and question restrictive social norms.

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When gathering 14 women artists who worked hard to bring the project to life with 51 works, under the guidance of Lu Valença, the exhibition “Dialogues” offers the public a rich mosaic of symbols, fights, joys and reflections on the life of contemporary women, celebrating your diversity, strength and resilience.

Dialogue Artists: Ana Morche, Angela Moraes, Cristina Pine, Denise Greco, Ivone Ramos, Laura Vivacqua, Lúcia Russo, God's Maridea, Pris Romão, Roberta Costa, Sheila Tostes, Tatti Simões and Vanessa Barini.

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Collective Exhibition “Dialogues”

Curated By: Lu Valença
Opening: 4 May – 7pm to 10pm
Visitation: 4 to 31 de Mayo

Wednesday to Friday – 2pm to 7pm, Saturday – 10am to 7pm and Sunday – 10am to 2pm
Information: 21 96945-1638


Free Classification Free Entry


1 thought on “Dialogues Exhibition”

  1. These works of art of such great importance and equally expressive conception, of these talented artists about the true role of women in our society, point to a true north so that humanity has a greater understanding of this journey…
    May every man see the woman inside him…
    and that every woman sees the man inside her…


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