Philosopher and researcher cries and laments the destruction of the National Museum

The philosopher and researcher Abreu Fabiano was devastated by the fire that destroyed more than 20 million items in the three floors of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, in the Quinta da Boa Vista, Sunday night, day 2.

“Fires happen accidentally or deliberately, and any one of the factors is through carelessness, lack of security and supervision.

We have a few heritage sites to be able to be proud and to attract tourism because the historical attracts tourism, this is a fact. We have few historical heritage to count our history, for we attract people and we attract the attention it is studying and understanding the history we understand the present. Let this happen is extremely regrettable, mainly in the crisis we are going through”, regrets the Carioca who now lives in Castelo de Paiva, in Portugal.

“No reconstruction will keep getting lost something because for more than build something similar, It will not be the structure of that time. In other words, that is irreparable damage. This shows carelessness, disregard what is happening. Actually always had contempt for national heritage sites. It is cultural in that country neglect. This is the responsibility of the federal government. The government proved irresponsible. And now without fee will be? This is all a result of the government's problems, guilt that clutter and disorganization that. We are in need of anything to be proud. Things that are lost there are very important, They lost irreparable goods and have no money to pay it”, Full philosopher and researcher.

Moved and in tears, Abreu Fabiano now fears that happen at the National Library, where is your book “Live Might Not Be So Bad” Since last year.

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The National Museum is the oldest scientific institution in Brazil. It is one of the reference science museums in the world. It was founded in 1818.

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Initially installed in the Campo de Santana, the museum was later transferred to Saint Kitts Palace, monument listed by the Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute National (IPHAN) and located in Quinta da Boa Vista, one of the most important urban parks in the Rio. Prior to house the National Museum, São Cristóvão Palace was the residence of the Portuguese royal family and the Brazilian imperial.

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