Complete guide: The best materials for handicrafts

Handicraft is an activity that requires a lot of creativity and manual skill. To create beautiful pieces, it is necessary to have the right materials.

In market, there are several options of materials for handicrafts, each with its own characteristics and functions.


In this article, let's dive into the best crafting materials available and how to use them to create amazing crafts.


Paper is one of the most versatile materials for handicrafts. They are available in different colors, textures and weights, which allows the creation of different types of parts. Here are some types of paper you can use.:

Paper card: It is a thicker and stronger type of paper, ideal for creating boxes, cards and invitations.

Crepe paper: It is a thin and malleable type of paper, ideal for making flowers, pompoms and decorations.

Silk paper: It is a kind of thin and delicate paper, ideal for making packaging and decorations.

Papel scrapbook: It is a kind of decorative and patterned paper, ideal for creating photo albums and decorated pages.


Fabrics are also widely used materials in handicrafts.. They can be used to create clothes., handbags, pillows, quilts and various types of decorative objects. Here are some types of fabric you can use.:

Cotton: it is a kind of soft and light fabric, ideal for making summer clothes, handbags and decorative objects.

Jeans: it is a kind of tough and durable fabric, ideal for making bags, necessaires and decorative objects.

Felt: It is a type of synthetic fabric that does not fray, ideal for making decorative objects such as dolls, stuffed animals and Christmas decorations.

Tule: It is a kind of transparent and light fabric, ideal for making party dresses, skirts and decorative objects.

Jewelry materials

Jewelry materials are used to create accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. They can be found at craft stores and are very versatile.. Here are some materials you can use.:

beads: are small colored beads used to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

waxed wires: are strong threads that can be used to make bracelets and necklaces.

Chains: are used to create more robust necklaces and bracelets.

clasps: are used to hold the jewelry and can be found in different sizes and models.

Paints and brushes

Paints and brushes are essential for anyone who wants to create pieces of art and decoration. They can be used to paint canvases, wood, ceramics and various other materials. Here are some types of paint and brush you can use.:

Acrylic paint: It is a water-based, quick-drying paint., ideal for creating paintings on canvas, wood and ceramics.

Fabric paint: It is a water-based ink that easily adheres to fabrics., ideal for personalizing t-shirts, bags and other objects.

Oil paint: It is a slow-drying paint with high hiding power., ideal for creating detailed paintings on canvas and wood.

Natural bristle brushes: They are brushes made from animal hair., ideal for painting with oil and acrylic paints.

Synthetic bristle brushes: are brushes made with synthetic fibers, ideal for painting with water-based paints.

Decoupage materials

Decoupage is a technique that consists of sticking paper cutouts on a surface., creating amazing decorative effects. to do decoupage, you will need some special materials. Here are some of them:

glue varnish: it is a glue suitable for decoupage that, in addition to gluing, also varnishes the surface.

Paper for decoupage: they are decorative papers suitable for the decoupage technique.

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foam brush: It is an ideal brush type to apply the glue and avoid bubbles and wrinkles on the paper..

precision scissors: It's a pair of scissors with a thin, pointed blade., ideal for cutting small and precise details.

Molding materials

Molding materials are used to create 3D parts, like sculptures, ornaments and decorative objects. Here are some materials you can use.:

modeling dough: It is a soft and malleable material., ideal for creating sculptures and molds.

Plaster: it is a material that dries quickly and can be used to create 3D decorative objects.

Resin: is a material that, when mixed, creates a liquid that hardens, ideal for creating molds and decorative objects.

silicone mold: It is a type of mold that can be reused several times., ideal for creating series objects.

Sewing materials

Sewing is a technique widely used in handicrafts to create clothes, handbags, accessories and decorative objects. Here are some materials you can use.:

Needle: It is an object used to sew fabrics and other materials..

Line: It is a thread used for sewing fabrics and other materials..

buttons: are used to hold clothes and accessories.

zippers: are used to close pockets, wallets and clothes.

Tips on how to save money when buying craft supplies

Now that you know the best materials for crafting, here are some tips on how to save when buying them:

  1. Plan your purchases: before going out buying all the materials you need, make a list of what you really need for your creation. Thus, you avoid impulsive purchases and unnecessary spending.
  2. Buy in quantity: some materials, like wires, fabrics and papers, can be purchased in bulk for a more affordable price. If you already know that you are going to use a certain material a lot, is it worth investing in a larger amount.
  3. Search prices: before buying, do a price search in different physical stores and online. Thus, you can compare prices and choose the most advantageous option.
  4. Use discount coupons: many stores offer discount coupons for purchases online or in physical stores. Look for these coupons online before making your purchases..
  5. Reuse materials: It is often possible to reuse materials that you already have at home., like glass bottles, old cardboard boxes and fabrics. Use your creativity to reuse these materials in your creations by practicing the sustainable crafts.
  6. Buy generic materials: instead of buying renowned and more expensive brands, opt for generic materials of similar quality. They can be found for a more affordable price and work just as well as the more expensive brands..
  7. Buy from wholesale stores: if you usually buy a lot of materials for your craft, it may be advantageous to buy from wholesale stores. Usually these stores offer lower prices for bulk purchases..

With these tips, you can save money on buying materials for your craft, without sacrificing quality and creativity in their creations.

The universe of materials for crafts and how to choose them for your creations

There are many craft materials available in the market., each with its own characteristics and functions.

To create amazing pieces, it is important to choose the right materials and use them in the right way.

We hope that this article has helped you to know a little more about the best materials for crafts and help you in the purchase of them..


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