Curtains: The Art of Transforming Your House into a Cozy Home

Curtains: The Art of Transforming Your House into a Cozy Home. Photo:

Curtains are more than simply pieces of fabric that cover windows.; are elements that transcend their basic function to become true functional works of art. They play an essential role in interior decoration, going beyond just controlling light entry and providing privacy. Curtains have the power to add … Read more

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto: Tradition and Local Creativity

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto: Tradition and Local Creativity. Photo:

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto emerge as a living expression of local identity and creativity. Ribeirão Preto, city ​​located in the heart of the state of São Paulo, is recognized by many as an important economic and cultural hub. Strolling through the city's historic streets and fairs, it is possible to immerse yourself in an enchanting world … Read more

Complete guide: The best materials for handicrafts

Complete guide: The best materials for handicrafts. Freepik image.

Handicraft is an activity that requires a lot of creativity and manual skill. To create beautiful pieces, it is necessary to have the right materials. In market, there are several options of materials for handicrafts, each with its own characteristics and functions. In this article, Let's delve deeper into the best craft materials available and how to use them to create pieces … Read more

Furniture and Decoration for External Areas

Furniture and Decoration for External Areas. Marianne's photo.

To ensure that any space conquers a different life, it is important to bet on the decoration to be adopted there. This is something valid both for the organization of a house and also for a store., with this being achieved through the position of each item. É justamente esse trabalho que faz com que umRead more

A part of France in your home: discover the provencal style

A part of France in your home: discover the provencal style. Wirestock image on Freepik.

Artistic and decorative vintage style, Provençal adds romanticism and delicacy to environments Provençal style is admirable: he adds delicacy, romanticism, the beauty of flowers, more rustic furniture and sweet tones. The origin of this style is, as the name suggests, in Provence, southern region of France, onde os habitantes têm um estilo deRead more

which fabric to choose? Maiori Casa shows the main differences and advantages of each model

Maiori Casa did a long research in search of the best pieces for families with dogs and cats. Photo: Maiori House.

Performance fabrics x decoration fabrics: find out which is the best option for your home Fabrics have been present in people's daily lives for many years. in the decoration, they are essential to offer personality, furniture style and safety, being a differential in interior and exterior projects. There are many options on the market today., variandoRead more

Plastic artist is inspired by the moment the world lives to create art on fabrics

After shining on display in Paris, getting the silver medal for his works painted on his canvases, no “France Asia Cultures - the point of the arts”, earlier this year, long before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the world, Leda Risse, this Brazilian by birth, but living there 20 years in Switzerland, encontra-seRead more