Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Karol Canto

Karol Canto is a Visual Artist.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Karol Canto

There are 10 years, I decided to prepare a different exposure to celebrate the 30 years who had begun to learn to paint. At this time a alternative cultural space was in operation in the main hall of the city's bus station.

I had the idea of looking for the Director of Culture that temporarily assumed the post of Secretary of Culture, seeing that, the official Secretary was away. He received me with all education, thrashed a lot of adulation and asked me if the canvas were ready to he could see.

Well! He knew me from childhood, because my mother, a tailor famous for its impeccable shirts, had sewn for him several times. Unfortunately he did not value my artworks, seeing that, I was a poor girl from the neighborhood and daughter of the seamstress, unfortunate. I told him I had not produced even the canvas, was there to schedule a date, in that he was firm in his justification. I need to see first your "little" canvas. Ok, told him, as soon as they are ready I come back here. Of course I returned a few months later, but taking an invitation to the opening of my exhibition “30 Pearls”, to be held in another space. As he was not there, I left the invitation.

The show was a success, super visited and commented, including the TV Integração, Affiliate of Rede Globo did a big story about it. It was an ancient technique still not known in the city, EGG TEMPERA, a mix of land and egg. Were even recorded some stuff in my studio during the execution of an artwork. The story was so cool that was sent to be displayed in the Globe News and Culture Secretary who was traveling, seen on TV and called him telling the news.

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The honourable Sir, all clumsy, to find myself in another event, came to charge me for not having sought him to make the exhibition at the space station; I replied on: – Really, not sought, because I was invited to do the exhibition elsewhere in which I found most suitable. Thank you for your interest, but at the moment I am scheduled in other cultural spaces in cities of Formiga, Arcos, Itaúna and Belo Horizonte. Laughed a lot with his lost face, since, his position is gone and I'm still here. laughs

Artworks of Karol Canto with the technique EGG TEMPERA:

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