Contemporary art salon launches call for submissions of works in different formats and supports

DF and Surroundings contemporary art salon launches public notice for entries of visual works in different formats and supports for the realization of its third edition


Hall Master D'Arms – Contemporary Art

Exhibition and award of artistic excellence of contemporary production from the Federal District and its surroundings

On the foundation of safeguarding memories and plural narratives generated by the visions of contemporary artists, to Association of Friends of the Historic Center of Planaltina-DF opens call for artists residing in the Federal District and Surroundings, at least a year ago. to participate in the III Mestre D'Armas Hall – Contemporary Art which brings as a theme, This year, safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Planaltina-DF.

The project, sponsored by the FAC – Background to the culture of the Federal District, will award three artists, with the value of BRL 8.000,00 for each contemplated, plus R$ 1.500,00, to each of the others 12 selected. The works of 15 selected artists will be on display at the Historical and Artistic Museum of Planaltina-MHAP for a period of 60 days.

Registration remains open until the day 13 de junho e devem ser feitas através do site do Salão em, where the notice is also available, with details of the requirements for careful reading. It's up to the bank, made up of three specialists in visual arts with recognized trajectory and performance throughout the national territory, the selection and awarding of artists.

To counteract the recent years of dismantling cultural promotion mechanisms, of attacks on democracy, of poor conservation and depredation and of heritage, like what happened in 8 January of this year and the neglect of the historic site of Planaltina DF. The third edition of the Salão Mestre D’Armas – Contemporary Art will have plurality and representativeness as its curatorial lines and will return to the relevance of artistic proposals that dialogue with the preservation of the material and immaterial characteristics of the Cultural Heritage of Planaltina-DF.

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Applications for drawing work will be accepted., engraving, painting, sculpture, object, photography, video art, video installation, performance (with registration) and new media. And more, urban intervention projects (with registration), can be carried out in internal or external areas of the Historical and Artistic Museum of Planaltina-MHAP.

Works that use animals will not be accepted., alive or dead, perishable materials or with elements that put the public at risk. And actions or the use of materials that damage and/or imply structural modifications of the Historical and Artistic Museum of Planaltina-MHAP will not be allowed..

For this edition of the Salon, MHAP will have an exhibition space named Sala Dona Negrinha in honor of the old Casarão, which was demolished in 2020. And to highlight the importance and honor the Casarão, from artista Odrus, only deaf and mute graffiti artist in the DF and who carries the condition itself in his artistic name, when read backwards, will intervene in the MHAP. In parallel with the exhibition, this year's Salon brings a novelty: will promote an Artistic Residency for four artists, in partnership with Ateliê Pé Vermelho.


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