Artery opens notice for exhibition “Art of Love – Love for São Paulo”, which takes place in August in the capital of São Paulo

Call invites artists to send a portfolio that will be analyzed by a committee formed by the company, sponsors and the NGO Gerando Falcões

Editing 2024 of one of the biggest urban exhibitions outdoors of Brazil, a “Art of Love”, with the theme “Love for SP”, The notice will be open from this Thursday, day 22 February.


Made by Artery, reference in the realization of urban art projects that promote social and humanitarian impact, Artists will be able to submit their painting project, which will be evaluated by a Selection Committee, trained by specialized curator, Artery representatives, and the staff of the NGO Gerando Falcões, partner of the exhibition and who will be responsible for allocating proceeds from the final auction of works to social impact initiatives.

All these pre-selected projects and some by guest artists, will be made available to sponsors so that each of the works can be made viable., which may exceed the number of 70 sculptures that aim to demonstrate love for the largest metropolis in Latin America.

The deadline for submitting portfolios is 29 March 2024, with a call for those chosen from May to June.

“The exhibition will have interaction with the public since its conception, with the selected projects coming to life in workshops open to people in SYN Network partner shopping malls and also in communities supported by Gerando Falcões”, says Carol Barreto, managing partner of Artery.

In a second stage of the exhibition, the works must reach the streets and squares of São Paulo, enchanting millions of people.

At the end of exposure, all works will be auctioned and 100% of the net profit collected (deducting direct costs of auctioning the works) will go directly to humanitarian causes indicated by the sponsors.

The artist who wants to be part of the exhibition, that will take over the streets of São Paulo, and declare the love you feel for the city, You can obtain more information and register via the website Link.

The Art of Love São Paulo 2024 is presented by the Ministry of Culture, through the Culture Incentive Law and Unimed.

Sponsor Presents: Unimed

Gold Sponsors: Syn, Potential Scale

Official Shopping Malls: Shopping City Sao Paulo, Tietê Shopping, Shopping D e Grand Plaza Shopping

Partners: Iarremate, Visit SP, WVN e ESG Summit.

About Artery

Since 2011, Artery is a reference in carrying out urban art projects linked to the causes in which it believes.

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The company organized successful editions of the most famous Parades in the world (Art of Love, jaguar parade, Elephant Parade, Cow Parade) and also created customized and authorial projects.

Artery promotes causes and brands and wants to surprise with what can be brought to life, for a new look at what has already gone unnoticed, under the motto “If our day is a blank work, Why not bring more color to it??”.

In its history there are more than 600 works exhibited, more than 500 artists performing, more than 100 Beneficiary NGOs, approximately 900 exhibition days, close to R$ 3 millions in amounts raised, more than 80 million in estimated audience (direct impact), and more than 300 millions of people in an estimated audience between the press and social media.

About Art of Love

The Art of Love is an artistic movement born in 2021.

The first edition spread dozens of giant hearts across the busiest points in São Paulo: Av. Paulista, Ibirapuera Park, Oscar Freire, Av. Faria Lima, JK Avenue etc..

Painted by talented artists, Each sculpture is a unique work of art. They portray the most diverse themes and inspire millions of people on the streets and through social media and the press..

The exhibition follows the same strategy as renowned projects such as Elephant Parade and Jaguar Parade, also organized by Artery.

At the end of the event, the works are sold and/or auctioned. Part of the proceeds will be donated to humanitarian causes (each sponsor chooses the NGO they want to benefit).


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