Amazonian Indigenous Art: Cultural Expressions and Traditions

Amazonian Indigenous Art: Cultural Expressions and Traditions. Photo:

The vast Amazon region, housing an unparalleled diversity of ecosystems and cultures, It is also a hotbed of indigenous artistic expressions that have deep roots in their traditions and ways of life. The indigenous communities of the Amazon share a cultural richness that manifests itself through different forms of art, from paintings and sculptures to … Read more

Art by indigenous women from the Amazon becomes fashionable and promotes ethical trade

Ngreigan Kayapo. Photo: blonde wedge.

Rede Origens Brasil® promotes the connection of forest artisans and brands to value the culture and beauty of indigenous peoples For hundreds of years, women from different peoples from the Amazon reserve in their routine the moment to meet to talk, tell experiences and pass on your knowledge, enquanto suas mãos vãoRead more