Dialogue of Giants on the date of the 30th anniversary of Burle Marx’s death

Amilcar de Castro at Praça Burle Marx. Photo: Marilia Panitz.

Thirty large sculptures by Amilcar de Castro arrive at Jardim Burle Marx, in the Monumental Axis of Brasília,on 4 of June. As obras que evidenciam a importância da artee da natureza na vida urbana permanecerão no local durante dois anos A confluência da harmonia estética de dois dos mais celebrados nomes da arte brasileiraRead more

Amazonian Indigenous Art: Cultural Expressions and Traditions

Amazonian Indigenous Art: Cultural Expressions and Traditions. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

The vast Amazon region, housing an unparalleled diversity of ecosystems and cultures, It is also a hotbed of indigenous artistic expressions that have deep roots in their traditions and ways of life. The indigenous communities of the Amazon share a cultural richness that manifests itself through different forms of art, from paintings and sculptures to … Read more

Son of Amílcar de Castro, Rodrigo de Castro opens solo show with new production on the day 8 August

Work of Rodrigo de Castro: Photo: Denise Andrade and Cynthia Zilma.

Rodrigo de Castro: Between Shapes and Colors” For the first time, artist presents steel sculptures with automotive paint, plus recent screens, at the Patricia Costa Gallery, com curadoria de Vanda Klabin Conhecido pelas pinceladas precisas que exploram o campo cromático com linhas geométricas, Rodrigo de Castro allowed himself to transit, for the first time in his career, … Read more

Sculptures occupy Avenida Paulista in Corpus Christi to talk about peace

Scene 1 of the exhibition "The Way: The Public Life of Jesus Christ" by Gilmar Pinna. Photo: Disclosure.

Works by sculptor Gilmar Pinna depict the path of Jesus and show the importance of the legacy of love and understanding The path of Christ guides the new exhibition by sculptor Gilmar Pinna, which will open on the day 8 of June, Corpus Christi celebration, in the external dependencies of the Cetenco Plaza Building. As esculturas da mostra “O Caminho: … Read more

Paintings, sculptures and other works of art that celebrate motherhood

The Virgin and Child. Duccio di Buoninsegna, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Motherhood is one of the most represented themes in art throughout history.. through paintings, sculptures and other works of art, artists have celebrated beauty, the joy and challenges of being a mother. In this article, we will explore the best examples of paintings, sculptures and other works of art depicting motherhood. … Read more

Big Heart Parade – Urban intervention that warns of the risk of destruction of the Atlantic Forest – arrives in Belo Horizonte

Ricardo Carvalheiro, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Curated by the multimedia artist Thiago Cóstackz and the participation of the artist from Minas Gerais Yara Tupynambá, exhibition has 31 heart-shaped sculptures After passing through São Paulo, a Big Heart Parade – Atlantic Forest Edition – arrives in the capital of Minas Gerais with the purpose of sensitizing the population, through Art, sobre aRead more

“The Little Big World of Flavio Papi”

Work "Ruins" for the feature “Other stories”, by Pedro Bial, Flavio Papi. Photo: Disclosure.

Retrospective of more than 60 Papi's career years, gathers drawings, paintings, sculptures and models "O Pequeno Grande Mundo de Flavio Papi" began to be built very early, in childhood, when I was already producing models and mini sculptures. At six years old, started drawing with Augusto Rodrigues, na “Escolinha de Artes doRead more

MAM São Paulo premieres work by Frederico Filippi in its Sculpture Garden

Frederick Philippi. Detail of the work Cobra Grande (2022), at the MAM Sculpture Garden. | Photo: Studio under construction.

The ephemeral work entitled Cobra Grande will have the shape of a chain of deforestation, tool used in forest clearing in the Amazon territory, and will go around the Garden in front of the museum The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo – MAM São Paulo – features from 10 de dezembro uma nova obra emRead more

This Saturday: Arte132 Gallery offers guided tour of its last exhibition of the year: “Devotional Art in the 19th Century”

Nossa Senhora da Conceição | oil on zinc, 34 x 23 cm, Alto Peru (Bolivia) - nineteenth century, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Led by curator and antique dealer Marcelo de Medeiros, the guided tour will introduce the works in the exhibition and explore them conceptually. The exhibition brings a cut of the production of religious painting centered in part of Upper Peru, today bolivia, and also sculptures of saints produced in São Paulo; both dating from the. XIX Recém-aberta (26/11), to … Read more

Instituto Artium receives Rodrigo Torres from Rio de Janeiro for an unprecedented exhibition in São Paulo

Recife. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition features unique pieces that reveal techniques and concept of the artist who already has works integrated into the collections of the Museu de Arte do Rio and at Kadist Art Foundation, in France. From 10 November, o Instituto Artium de Cultura recebe a exposição “Vale da Utopia”, by Rodrigo Torres, uma seleção deRead more