Ramesh Suthar – “Art if creature”

Work by Ramesh Suthar.

Ramesh, tell us a little about yourself… I'm Ramesh Suthar, a self-taught artist born in Rajasthan, in India, a state known for its desert landscapes. Currently residing in Pune, Maharashtra, work as a graphic designer. My hobbies revolve around exploring unknown mountains and seeking serenity outside the city. My artistic journey stems from a deep … Read more

Vasavan Payyattam – “No ink, no brush, but with pieces of paper. Only.”

Obra de Vasavan Payyattam.

I'm Vasavan Payyattam, born in 1964 and living as a full time artist now based in Kannur in Kerala India. after my graduation, I started to study drawing and painting with a master and later I did painting and collages. When he woke up his desire to be an artist? At the end of my studies at … Read more