Vasavan Payyattam – “No ink, no brush, but with pieces of paper. Only.”

Obra de Vasavan Payyattam.

I'm Vasavan Payyattam, born in 1964 and living as a full time artist now based in Kannur in Kerala India. after my graduation, I started to study drawing and painting with a master and later I did painting and collages. When he woke up his desire to be an artist? At the end of my studies at … Read more

collage Analog – Returning full force, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The use of collage in modern art is huge, as it permeated artistic movements and is now returning with enough force. A digital collage also as a twenty-first century tool is very active in the field of advertising, illustration, animation and other means. Many young artists are masterfully digital art. So that now … Read more

Nadia Aguilera exposes the Cultural Post Niterói

The show "Just as those who seek" opens in 20 July, Leah Rio curatorial. From collages printed on canvas, artist reflects on life in large urban centers, between oppression and the expectation. Nadia Aguilera exposes from the day 20 July, the Cultural Post Niterói. … Read more

Open registration for the 8th Contest Our People Our Art

Pharmacies Network Action Pay Less will award up to R $ 4.500 paintings, engravings and collages on the theme "Love is what binds us" Until the day 16 July (Tuesday), registration is now open to participate in the 8th Our People Our Art Pharmacy Network Pague Menos Contest, action of the large retailer … Read more

Antonio Bokel launches book with your trajectory during the SP-Arte 2017

View will be released on 8 April SP Lounge, at the Bienal Pavilion, presenting one of the most exciting courses of contemporary art in Brazil. 15 years, the carioca Antonio Bokel tested almost all the possibilities of the art. Interacts with the urban space through the lambe-lambe of propaganda, of graffiti and graffiti. … Read more

Solar do Barão presents exhibition of Dumke and collective of photographers Rones

The Manor of Baron opens this Thursday (17) new exhibitions: "The art of illuminating Dumke Saila", "Jerusalem – Solange Benasulin Photos", "Bodies-Paraná Photographers Conference" and "portraits with Coffee", de Dirceu Veiga. The Rones Dumke artist presents a total of 28 works in the collage and printmaking techniques, divided into … Read more