Cultural touch at home: how to apply the brazilian style in decoration?


Get to know some elements that help to leave the environment typically Brazilian

Brazil is a country known for its great cultural diversity and its rich traditions., which is reflected in a remarkable way in the artistic expressions.

When it comes to decoration, all this cultural richness makes the Brazilian identity very remarkable and appreciated all over the world.


With a combination of vibrant colors and a tropical atmosphere, Brazilian decoration stands out for the strong presence of craft elements and a wide variety of fabrics and materials.

In addition, the incorporation of natural elements also plays a fundamental role in Brazilian aesthetics.

Learn how to create a typically Brazilian decor with lots of colors and various types of natural and handcrafted elements:

Explore the natural elements

Brazil's natural resources are recognized throughout the world and play a fundamental role in brazilian decoration.

To compose a typically Brazilian environment, it is essential to use this type of material. wooden items, for example, They have a wide variety of textures and colors., and can be used in various places such as furniture, floors, walls and also in decoration, creating a more rustic decor, yet elegant.

Plants also play a key role in this style of decoration., because they refer to the tropical climate and provide a colorful environment, cheerful and refreshing.

There are numerous species of plants that can be grown indoors., like cacti, palm trees, begonias, among others, that add a natural charm to the decoration.

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use many colors

Brazil is also well known for its great diversity of cultures., traditions and customs, and this mixture is reflected in a remarkable way in the decoration.

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All this mixing results in a multicolored decoration., with the use of vibrant colors that refer to joy and nature. Tropical tones like green, yellow, blue and red are often found on walls, floors, furniture and decorative elements.

In addition, wallpapers, tablecloths, rugs and other decorative elements may feature multicolored prints, lush foliage and flowers, that are typical elements of Brazilian decoration and give a touch of Brazilianness to the environments, reflecting the richness of the country's flora.

Emphasize craftsmanship in decoration

Manual work is another element that plays an essential role in representing Brazilian culture in decoration..

Items made from materials such as straw, wood, clay, ceramics and fabrics reflect the originality of the Brazilian people. In addition to being unique pieces, handcrafted decorative objects are an excellent way to incorporate cultural roots and ethnic diversity into an environment.

There are a multitude of handmade options for decoration., like lamps, vases of plants, carpets, crochet pieces, that can adorn a gas cylinder 13 kg, baskets, paintings and many others.

Each of these items adds a touch of originality and Brazilian flair to the decor., making the environment much more beautiful and cheerful.

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