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MyCineMag has the honour and the joy of being able to disseminate the work of the artist Zokatos.

Art Lyrical-Abstract

Parisian artist, chose art as a way of life a little by chance. It was through encounters throughout your youth, in particular, your best friend's brother, the graffiti artist MIST that encouraged the progress and follow this course.

Zokatos automatically while self-taught since the first minute, did extensive research, I was to learn and know more. A thirst for knowledge no end that didn't doubt for a second that this would be your vocation. Further "the more you were looking for learn more I fall in love with Art, everything fascinated me ".


For Zokatos, the most important thing is to provoke an emotion in the Viewer, being your abstract art, considers that this becomes universal and for all. Thus leaving to the discretion of each individual the freedom to see and feel what you want. In addition, do you think the viewer doesn't get bored in front of the screen. It in fact, boredom is almost impossible with the numerous details contained in his works.

Try to find a balance in colors, both the level of harmony as the perfect dosage. The preparation requires some patience because each ink has your own procedure to achieve the desired dilution. Uses bright colors almost always ends with fluorescent and white and black ink in order to balance with the other colors found on the screen. It also allows to highlight the details like metallic copper, the silver and the gold that uses very subtly.

This technical junction say urban classical techniques, between the aerosol and acrylic paint make unique fabrics creating a true visual explosion! It was on your trip to London that created this new method of work, felt «need to evolve artistically» and that's how the idea came naturally.

Zokatos has developed a very own technique; Use this mixed process music! The process takes hours, and can be composed of one or several melodies, that gain colors and shapes, through the junction of the inks and the feelings they evoke him. At the end, beautiful fabrics, just beautiful, by itself, eventually tell us far beyond the song!

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The importance of music is really instrumental in your work, since, considers its fabrics as visual music. Develops each screen of intuitive way following the beats of music, It's a very thorough and delicate. Has no genre of choice, like American and French rap, like the spontaneity of Freestyles in rap, like electronic music as for example Flemme, Petit Biscuit, like Reggaeton or FADO. Combining a certain refinement with its foundations of graffiti, their screens remain with the DNA of the street. Great fabrics for their dimensions and truly sensational. Zokatos that their screens are full of peace.

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Inspirations: Pollock, Miró, Kandinsky, Georges Mathieu, Art Young.

Trivia: Has as dream expose in United States, being a big fan of the rapper Oxmo Puccino I would like to collaborate with him or with the Japanese artist Kusama. Supports the noble cause of the defense of animals, which for him is essential, It is impossible for him to be insensitive in front of maltreated animals.

Here is a short video about the creative process of the artist. First works vertically on the wall with the aerosol (enjoy the minimalism of the tools used) and in a second step horizontally with acrylic paint.

Zokatos feels very grateful for people who've been recognizing and publicizing the your work over time. Today in complete Ascension, exhibited in several galleries, leaving no doubt to come a laughing future !

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