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Space Through Glass promotes exposure with Aguilar performance

Project conceived by Deborah Muscat held free courses for beginners and specialization of glass art

This Friday, day 13, Deborah Muscat promotes the Space Through Glass collective exhibition with pieces created by students of the project "Through the Glass – 2Edition ", during the second half of 2019. The objects produced during the lessons will be exposed until the day 15 of december. The opening event features the singer's performances Sarah Hoston, o Koto (string instrument) from Lorena Hollander and performances by the artist and visual Aguilar.

In this issue, around 90 people attended the free workshops for beginners and specialization and, in January, place two courses in public facilities in the state of São Paulo. Among students, Tiao Nicomedes, known as the poet and ambassador of the people in the street and collectors situation.

The project recently held an exhibition in partnership with the Artivism Week, which led to work "Wave of Life", mounted with several glass birds made by students, for Denmark, Florianópolis and Paraisópolis community, in São Paulo. The piece will be on display in the Art Space of Life and guests and spectators will receive these birds as a symbol of transformation, art and love.

creator of Space Through Glass, opened in 2011, Deborah promotes free training workshops provided 2001 and aims to train technicians in the glass art for enxerguem the material a new form of income. "A community can be revitalized through the glass. In a community action with the disposal of the population itself. It is able to turn that place on a screen, with art ", explains Deborah.

Plastic artist, in 1984 Debora discovered the art of glass. "When the glass breaks everyone is scared. And only we fear what we do not know to relate. This material can be a great teacher, friend of man in nature, if we respect the time and the glass needs, we can create amazing things ", comments. "All the time we deal with glass. In the window, I do not flake, in the bathroom. It is part of nature, is 100% recyclable. And you can turn into wonderful things. Is enchanting, can be water and light. Stirs our senses, we catch '.

Exhibition of student works in Space Through Glass
Local: Space Through Glass (Rua Rui Batista, 125 – Caxingui)
Opening date: 13/12
Opening time: 19h30
visitation dates: 14 and 15 of december
Visitation schedules: 11h to 20h
Indication: Free
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