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Marilia Botelho Albuquerque / Cocoon School of Jewelery and Art. Photo: Disclosure.
Marilia Botelho Albuquerque / Cocoon School of Jewelery and Art. Photo: Disclosure.

Expo Joya III

Author's Jewelry Fair

A Art Lab Gallery opens its second semester agenda with the 3rd edition of Jewelry Expo, copyright jewelry fair, under the curatorship of Juliana Monaco, and firm in the determination of, as well as providing an opportunity for creatives to create a direct, face-to-face connection with the final audience, maintains with the option of using the moment as a platform for social inclusion, as well as entering the job market.

The part related to technique and 'making jewelry' can be taught in courses and faculties but contact with the public, with the real market, is often hampered by the lack of contacts and knowledge of its operating rules. A Art Lab Gallery continues to present itself as an aggregating agent, a facilitator for this meeting and seeking to dynamize this first contact, encouraging the complementary work of artist jewelers.

Collective, schools, individual artists, a total of 44 creative, among jewelers, plastic artists and designers will be present, presenting their pieces directly to the public, with the unique opportunity to talk about their creations, inspirations as well as available to new market proposals.


Exhibition: Expo Jóia III

Curated By: Juliana Monaco

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Participants: Amanda Tartik, Arella Jewelry, metal art, Workshop Kanasiro, Bell Rodrigues, Callidesigner, Carol Razuk, Cocoon School of Jewelery and Art, Chames Biojoias, D'Amato Handmade Jewelry, Severo Jewelry Dice, Edgar Moraes, Fernanda Delpizzo, Geneva, GEOMECTRA, Inesita Easter, Ivone Carmen Joias, Jiló Jewels, joanna pacheco, Joy,ah, Karen Campos, Kitty Bastos, LILÓ, Lisia Barbieri, Lo Monaco Jewelry, Lyvia Ribeiro Atelier, Maria Estrela by Cissa Ribeiro, Myah Designer, NatStaN Jewelry, Ouroboros Arts, Ask for Chaos, Small Tone, Pillar Gimenes, Plume Jewelry, Priscilla Vassão Joias, canister Joias, rhyme jewelry store, Rubia Therefore, Silvana Imbelloni Vaquero, Simone Bellim, SK Design, Soul Seek, Tera Lumo, Human.

Dates: 06 and 07 August 2022.

event time: saturday and sunday, from 11 at 19h

Local: Art Lab Gallery

Address: S. Oscar Freire, 916 – Gardens, São Paulo – SP

Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Contact: curadoria@artlabgallery.com.br

Instagram: @artlabgalleryoscarfreire

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