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Exhibition 27 September 2021, Crete earthquake, El Greco Museum – Greece, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

God wants, the man dreams, the work is born.
God wanted the earth to be all one,
The sea unites, no longer part.
Was you, and you were unraveling the foam.

And the white shore went from island to continent,
Shed light, running, until the end of the world,
And the whole earth was seen, suddenly,
To emerge, round, of the deep blue.
(PESSOA, 2006 p. 67)

Nature's designs are incomprehensible. Your Beauty exudes beauty and enchants the eye; at the same time, its enormous strength and its magnitude of forms astonish for so much sublimity. But things don't always run a smooth course; the environment has its tricks, misaligns your shapes, deviate, change patterns. in your smallness, the human being is fragile; and its strength is insufficient to prevent or defend itself from the natural weather that devastates the planet. When the Earth turns disoriented its energy and its anger, she takes with her lives, dreams; and leaves the human being at the mercy of ills. The time that slowly heals the wounds, erases the regrets of such impetuosity, leave only the memories. Everything is recomposed with time and life resumes its natural course..

in September 2021 such natural storms ravaged Crete, the biggest island in greece, leaving a trail of destruction. Nature showed its fury and its power in the face of human frailty. However the resilience, perseverance and collaborative spirit allowed the population to recover little by little from this great tragedy, allowing it to become just a record. It was up to Art the task of purging feelings through Photography and Painting, in the form of catharsis. The El Greco Museum, in the city of Fodele, in Greece opened its space for the impressions of that painful moment to be carved.

The great artist Magdalena Wozniak Melissourgaki (Greece), ambassador of greece, to the Academy of Art Mondial, took over the curatorship of this event at the museum, with the proposal to make evident not only the Beauty of Art, but also the natural situations that afflicted the country and that so haunt the world. Sensitized by the tragedy that devastated several cities in Greece, in particular Heraklion, the curator claims that the event that destroyed more than 7.000 houses left an open wound in society and changed its approach to life. The curator herself was at her home at the time of the tragedy and says that the first thought that came to her was to leave immediately where she was.. From there, Magdalena began to reflect deeply on the real values ​​of life; about how much work and material things consume us; and how much we need to change this thinking to value what really matters: the family, friends and ourselves.

The curator, artist of the exhibition was not indifferent to such misfortune and poured the moment, exposing the pain and destruction through the show. Many of these earthquake records are on display at the El Greco museum., along with the artist's interpretations, through art. The exhibition will continue to the municipality of Arkalochori, near Heraklion; and then to Warsaw in Poland.

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Official Opening: 15 August 2022 to 8 in the morning.

Exhibition Period: 15 to 31 August 2022.


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