Rosângela Vig is a Columnist of Site Obras de Arte

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Professor of Art History at UNIP.

Our friend and artist Rosangela Vig, of Sorocaba-SP, will write in-depth articles about art in her Column here on the website.

Pure Richness of Content!!

About the Artist:

Besides a Visual Artist producing wonderful artworks, She is Professor of Art History on UNIP. Passionate about art, in heir drawings, is inspired by the movements of things, of people, and perceives them shadows, lights and colors of the most diverse tones.

With over two hundred paintings, and the encouragement of her husband and daughter, has participated in exhibitions, catalogues and magazines that circulate in the country. She is currently in a more modern phase, with geometric lines, cubist and colorful. Her artworks today are on graphite, pencil and canvas.

You can also find the Artist in her Blog, Facebook Profile, her Facebook Fan Page.

Be Welcome Rosângela Vig!! Wish You Success!!!

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