Brazilian Contemporary Artists – Cândido Oliveira, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 2 - Candido Oliveira, Tuscany, Italy, oil on canvas, 70 X 100 cm, 2020. Photo: Brazil Gallery.

Here lies the sun That created the dawn And gave light to the day And pastured the afternoon. The magical shepherd With luminous hands Who fertilized the roses And plucked them. Here lies the sun The gentle And violent androgynous Who Has the form Of all women And died in the sea. (MATHEW, 2009, p.154) Paint … Read more

Inhotim – Inhotim Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art and Botanical Garden, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 4 - Robert Irwin, without title, 2019. Photo: Brendon Campos.

You wanted me to talk about poetry a little more…E desprezasse o cotidiano atrozQueriasera ouvir o som da minha vozE não um eco – apenas – deste mundo louco!(QUINTANA, 2007, p. 87) The enchantment that Art provides to the eye is inexhaustible., in its most varied forms of presentation. É como se esquivar do mundoRead more

“Thrivers” exhibition, Loula Metaxa, by Rosângela Vig

Figure 3 – Loula Metaxa.

“Thrivers” Exhibition¹ Each work of art is a child of its age and, In so many cases, mother of our emotions. Each period of Culture produces its own Art that can never be repeated. Efforts to revive the artistic principles of the past will produce, at best, an art that is yet to be born. It is impossible for us to live and … Read more

Women for Women Exhibition – Galeria Estação, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Conceição dos Bugres, Wood and beeswax carving, featured. Photo: Joao Liberato.

I want, to compose my chaste monologues,Lie down next to the sky, in the fashion of astrologersAnd very close to the bell I can hear him meditativelyThe solemn songs, carried by the wind. Hands placed on the chin, I from the top of the mansard roof,I view the workshop on Brown time:City towers and chimneys or masts,Big skies making eternity dream.(BAUDELAIRE, … Read more

Retrospective 2023 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig, a true alchemist of words, weaves a fascinating tapestry in its articles that transports us to the enchanted realms of art. Your column on the Obras de Arte website is a shining beacon, guiding us through the intricate labyrinths of human creativity. With mastery, Rosângela unravels the mysteries of the works, revealing nuances, contexts and … Read more

Felícia Leirner Museum – Exhibition Coming to Imaginary Worlds, by Rosângela Vig

Exhibition Arriving at Imaginary Worlds by Rosângela Vig. Disclosure.

Ephemeral. Now, a bird in the valleySang for a moment, once, butThe valley listens still enveloped in peaceSo that the voice of the bird does not remain silent.And a future source, today primaryIn the heart of the mountain will eruptFatal, of the burning stone, and will bring to the voice the necessary melody.. And later, when oldIf they make the flowers and the songsOne … Read more

Felícia Leirner Museum – Campos do Jordão, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Classic Figure, Felicia Leirner. Photo: Museum and Auditorium Collection. (available on , access in 29 th November of 2023).

It is not without reasons that the sculptor Felícia Leirner (1904-1996) he was enchanted by Campos do Jordão and from there he brought his inspiration. From the road that leads to the small town, the mountains get bigger and bigger, as the gaze approaches. The clouds that hide the top seem to harbor secrets somewhere and … Read more

Painting Exhibition at El Greco Museum, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Exhibition Poster.

Mother of memories, lover of lovers,Oh you, my joy and my great duty!There, you will remember the stunning caresses,the sweetness of home, the scent of the evening,Mother of memories, lover of lovers! Nights shining with the heat of coal,And the nights on the balcony with rosy hues!How sweet was your breast and how good your heart!We said a lot … Read more

“Together” Exhibition: A Conceptual Journey in favor of Planeta Moinho Brasil, by Rosângela Vig

mill Brazil: "Together" Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Geometic massesOn music sheetsPlastic and silenceOf the created space.Shell and seahorse.The sea gave you a corollaThe sky magnetized youBut the light restored the balance.Shell and seahorse.(MATHEW, 209, seahorse and shell) There are several ways, there are several colors, there are countless musical notes and many hands working hard in the space that becomes a work, at the age of … Read more

Artcom Expo – Greece, by Rosângela Vig

Artcom Expo – Greece. Disclosure.

I am the earth, I am life. From my clay first came the man. From me came the woman and then came love., veio a fonte.Vem o fruto e vem a flor.(…)Eu sou a grande mãe universal.Tua filha, tua noiva e desposada.A mulher e o ventre que fecundas.Sou a gleba, pregnancy, eu souRead more