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Gallery Brazil, invitation inauguration. Disclosure.

Exhibition “Memory and Engagement” mark the inauguration of Galerie Brésil

Curated by Adriana Network, space opens the door and presents shows with works by 12 renowned artists, as Leirner, Amaral and Tozzi, and rising talents

Founded with the aim of disseminating independent Brazilian artists and contemporary art abroad, Galerie Brésil opens doors, now in physical office, on 23 November, in Fradique Coutinho Street, 1399, one of the main centers of contemporary art galleries in São Paulo, in Vila Madalena.

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The gallery has four rooms that accommodate the inaugural exhibition "Memory and Engagement", will hold up 07 February 2019, with works 12 artists selected by the curators, all with productions chosen to represent the important issue.

Memories of political engagement in the arts bring actions, for this first shows, works of great artists like Antonio Henrique Amaral (deceased, in 2015), Claudio Tozzi and Leirner, internationally recognized as political art representatives in the history of Brazil in the 60 and 70 and early 80.

"The exhibition theme of choice is a tribute to the engaged art and the historical context also brings the subject to the present, dealing with issues such as urban activism, social and environmental ", explains Adriana Network.

beyond them, Adhemir Fogassa, Alexandre Frangioni, Eduardo Srur, Gersony Silva, Gardener André Feliciano, Katia Canton, Marcelo Conrado, Neno Ramos and African artist Nu Barreto will also be part of the inaugural show.

The Gallery

Born to an exhibition in Monaco, in 2013, as a virtual gallery, Brésil the gallery was conceived by artist, Neno Ramos and the curator and art journalist Sonia Skroski, late this year. Over the years, He participated in exhibitions and fairs in Europe, US and Latin America. Currently, the project was reformulated and now has new physical office, in partnership with the sculptor Adhemir Fogassa and Alexandre Frangioni, multimedia artist.

"The Galerie Brésil follows a cosmopolitan concept, allowing different models exhibition, in Brazil and abroad. The proposal is to funnel renowned and emerging artists, national and international, to have their representation in a space of inspiration and innovation ", emphasizes Neno Ramos.

Service | Opening Galerie Brésil
Local: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1399 - Pinheiros - Sao Paulo / SP
Date: 23 th November of 2018
Timetables: Visits in three sessions - 17h, 19h and 9:00 pm.
shows Period: from 23 th November of 2018 to 07 February 2019
Operation: Tuesday to Friday: from 10h to 19h; Saturdays: das 10h às 17h.
WebSite: https://www.galeriebresil.com/

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