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Exhibition "New Look" artist Alexandre Fatalla. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition "New Look" artist Alexandre Fatalla by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Abstract vibrant art and the artist Alexandre Fatalla It will be presented at the exhibition, which depicts the light magical way.

AEAS participates in the Festival Santos Design with special program

The Association of Engineers and Architects Santos (AEAS) participate in the Santos Design Festival, that occurs between days 08 and 31 August, with numerous attractions at various points in the city and with an extensive schedule of exhibitions, exhibitions, lectures and networking, with the aim of showing original and creative works, placing the county among the major design centers worldwide.


For those who like design, art, culture and sustainability, the month of August will be very special. This is because the Santos Design Festival debut with a recheadíssima schedule of events to highlight the importance of design in our lives. Over 40 city ​​spaces will receive various actions until the day 31 August. The idea is to show how the design is always around us.

In AEAS programming will be on 21 August (on wednesday), from the 6:30 pm. The Innovation Office Director Santos, André Falchi Good, will lecture on the 'Impact of the Creative Economy in Architecture and Engineering'.

Following, às 19h30, It will be the turn of artist Alexandre Fatalla talk about 'The Art of Power in the Mind Architecture' and, following, 20:15, it will be the vernissage of the exhibition 'New Look' which presents various aspects, as shapes and colors of light energy, and other energy levels, as well as five to six different techniques, described in a banner statement.

"The result is a totally new art, unusual, great decorative appeal and while colors and abstractions that go beyond the common concepts of making art and as a result of something really real or a revelation ", afirma Fatalla.

The exhibition will be open for public viewing until 06 September, in the room attached to the entity's auditorium, from 10:00 to 8:00 pm, at Rua Dr. Artur Assis, 47, Boqueirão, Santos / Sp. To participate in the program must sign up in the office of the AEAS by email aeas@aeas.com.br. More information by phone (13) 3288-1110 and (13) 3288-2517.

Service - AEAS in Santos Design Festival
Local: Engineers and Architects Association of Santos;
Rua Dr. Artur Assis, 47, Boqueirão, Santos / Sp
When: 21 August 2019;
Time: from the 6:30 pm;
Inscription: free by email aeas@aeas.com.br;
Information: (13) 3288-1110 and (13) 3288-2517


18h30h – Lecture 'Impact of Creative Economy in Architecture and Engineering'
André Falchi Bueno - Innovation Office Director Santos;

19h30 - Lecture "The Art of Power in the Mind Architecture '
Alexandre Fatalla - artist;

20h15 - Vernissage of the exhibition 'New Look' of artist Alexandre Fatalla.
Curated By: Marcelo Neves – Marcelo Neves of Art Gallery owner.

Source: AEAS Engineers and Architects Association of Santos.

These empty vessels I descurtino in the art, in high gloss, in lots of color, They are the same vain of my inner search. This information architecture that manifests my mind, and reverts into art, a vast desert to fill, It is the conscience of something much bigger, addition of burrs which show, and draw attention, to me.

That my restlessness, is a voice, a creator of crying in front of his creation, the deepest real, in shapes that define self, in invisible lines of light Mandala, a guide map, in full motion, manifest in the consciousness to infinity, is not explained, Now as the reason!!

So I define, hearing and feeling the divine signs, aware of the mission and vision of my best way forward!!”

“Alexandre Fatalla”

Technique used by the artist in his works:

photographic record of light, with technical deepening of metaphysics and capture the abstract inner energies, digital printing!!

Social networks:

Facebook: Alexandre Fatalla White

Instagram: @alexandrefatalla




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