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Exhibition “Tanto Mar” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Colunista de Arte.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

To celebrate the day 22 April, commemorative date of the discovery of Brazil, to “Anjos Art Gallery” will be performing, curated by Maria dos Anjos Oliveira from day 03 on April 2014, starting at 19:00 hrs. the Exhibition “Tanto Mar”, where 15 artists exhibit their latest artworks.


“The Sea, is an extension of saltwater connected with an Ocean. And that's how, by Seas that never sailed before, the Portuguese arrived to Brazil and to other continents”.


Photo of Miriana Lagazzi.

Local: Galeria Casa de Portugal
Address: Av. Freedom, 602 – Liberdade – São Paulo-SP (Check the map below!)
Day: 03 on April 2014
Opening Hours: 19:00 hours
Exposure Period: 03 to 31 April (Free Entry)

Artists Participants of Project

  • Bia Martins
  • Celina Lima Verde
  • Elza Carvalho
  • Elsa Oliveira
  • Edmundo Cavalcanti
  • Francisco Borges
  • Inês Trezza
  • Izabel Litieri
  • Lari Namastê
  • Marcia Baratto
  • Olivia Carnevale
  • Osmar Carboni
  • T. Machado
  • Ugolina
  • Watusi Carulli
  • Kazuhe Shizuru





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