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Group virtual exhibition “Frida Kahlo”, a woman ahead of her time, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Ask for your soul.
The soul that is tenderness,
But you will show the curve of your flight
Free, between the worlds.
(MEIRELES, 1982, 17TH Song)

It is a deep sigh that dispels fog and allows us to see the most beautiful works with the eyes of the spirit..


It's as if the sharpness came gradually, bringing the image to life. the colors emerge, the scene comes to life, moving, coloring and coming true. Such freedom flies in the mind of the one who creates the work and it becomes unique..

No Boundaries, the artist's soul wanders through unfathomable places and allows us to hold hands with him to float through these worlds as well.


This has been the History of Art and so it was with the artists of Surrealism, including the daring Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist who left his story for the History of Art. It is through these unfathomable worlds that the artist's work travels and leads us, with a perplexed look, full of intoxication.

Such admiration for the Mexican artist led the curator of Arte Maria Vieira to also be inspired, flying through Frida's deep gaze. Featuring works by contemporary artists, the curator is responsible for the exhibition that brings together faces and the way the mexican artist thought and acted, always ahead of its time.


And Frida's profile seems to be timeless, belongs to contemporaneity, dared to think of a future that was still far away. Such reading is imprinted in the works of the artists chosen by the curator of the exhibition.

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Frida's faces seem to sympathize with today's world, are thoughtful, are inquirers, as if the artist came from other times to visit the hurried present. Flowers are always present, sometimes in embroidery, on painted fabrics, or against colored backgrounds, adorning the head, hanging from the large and colorful earrings that were the artist's trademark. In all the works in the exhibition, strong and warm colors are used, which represent both the artist and Mexico..

The exhibition which began in 17 March comes as a beautiful gift to celebrate and close Women's Month, in the city of Sorocaba. In shows, the names of Ana Maria Reis are gathered, Cida Felipe, Gilda Sabas, Heloísa Nunes Conceição, Lea Zumpano, Jakbenevento, Maria Vieira, Marileusa Reducino, Monica Mendes, Pedro Amadeu, Selma Pszdzimirski, Soraya Balera, Taïs Del Cistia Cardoso and Thais Cristina. Exhibits at Sorocaba City Hall, the works can be seen until the day 30 March 2023.

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Report on TV TEM – Sorocaba: globoplay.globo.com/v/11461290


MEIRELES, Cecília. Cânticos. São Paulo: Editora Moderna, 1982.

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